Hot Club

Hot Club

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandEDMHip Hop


Hailed as "The Dipset of Rave" by the Daily Bruin, HOT CLUB comprises four seemingly excited individuals from the greater Los Angeles basin- MOLO / SLEAZ / SATURAT / ROYFROM. Established in 2010, the group's members together represent six flags from across the world... The diversity shows most in its music, which is catered to clubs across the universe-- a congregation of maximal electronic sounds taken from the group's even more diverse influences, ranging from Parliament to Heretik music (plenty in between).

Currently, the group's main focus is their debut collection of mixtapes, entitled 'Hot Tapes' (10 original free tracks, digitally released each month). Currently at its fifth edition, the mixtape series will continue until Hot Tapes 10, at which time the group will ceremoniously spawn a new edition of tapes entitled, 'Burn Tapes.' The four also release a monthly DJ mix named Pirate's Booty, a hoard of edits and bootlegs of publicly known tracks. Due to popular demand, tracks included therein shall be released digitally as a pack, beginning with Pirates Booty II.

Since the four members did indeed meet in a government-sponsored drug program, they each contribute a DJ mix of their own personal taste, in a given 'feeling.' These four Club Tapes include "Heroin by molo," "Acid by sleaz," "Speed by saturat," and "Kitty by royfrom." With an untold number of musical releases that Hot Club plans to give to you in the immediate future, you would think that they promise more than they perform. But, it seems that these underdogs have much more up their combined 8 sleeves.