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Leading a new genre in hip hop music, Hot Dogg delivers a revolutionary message based on his experiences as a war child and victim of the Sudanese civil-war. His music is a mixture of powerful driving beats and edgy confronting lyrics.


War-affected refugee cum Winnipeg Hip Hop prodigy, Samuel Mijok Lang, a.k.a. Hot Dogg is rapping his way into the hearts and ear-phones of North Americans. Hot Dogg is a “Lost Boy”, a name borrowed by the UNHCR in reference to the forest dwelling orphans in Disney’s Peter Pan; it was an apt title for the 33,000 child refugees who made the 16 hundred kilometer journey out of southern Sudan. Little Hot Dogg was among the children aged between 4 and 9 that walked single file across the grassy plains of an unforgiving African landscape towards Ethiopia.
The journey to Ethiopia took four months and thousands of boys perished along the way from starvation, dehydration, disease, attacks by Arab militias and wild animals, and bombing raids. Twenty-six thousand of the child survivors reached Ethiopia, but refugee life was not easy, as Hot Dogg describes, “It was like a death camp, with hunger and disease everywhere you looked.”
After only a year in Ethiopia the children were forced to flee again when rebel forces toppled the government, a little over half of the Lost Boys made it to safety. For the next ten years, the dusty, dilapidated camp in Kenya was home to the Lost Boys until the UNHCR finally resettled them to Canada, the United States and Australia. Around two hundred Lost Boys came to Winnipeg.
Hot Dogg came to Canada in 2004 and enrolled in high school. After graduation he went for his first job interview; he showed up without a resume and when the company owner asked him what his skills were he cheerfully replied that he could swim and do a back flip. But Hot Dogg is charming, and exudes pure goodness…so of course he got the job. Hot Dogg loves Canada but it’s an everyday struggle for him just to get by. He and his Lost Boys face daily challenges of a system that is not designed for them; like being turned down for tuition bursaries for not having death certificates for their parents.
Hot Dogg turned to rap after God appeared to him in a dream and told him that he would spread his message through music and that he would meet his mentor the following day. The next day he was passing through Central Park and there was a rap performance. At the end of the concert Grammy Award winning rapper Fresh IE pulled him from the audience and offered to take him under his wing and teach him to rap. Since then Hot Dogg has performed alongside such North American heavy weights as K’naan, Pip Skid, Fresh IE and has performed at the Canadian Landmines Conference, the Harvest Moon Festival and has made several appearances on national television and satellite radio shows.
When I asked Hot Dogg what his message was he explained that he survived to tell the story of the Lost Boys to the world, saying “We don’t need any more Lost Boys coming from Sudan.” Hot Dogg is driven by the images of his people suffering. One night, when he was only four years old, his village was attacked and he and his family were captured by the militia, Hot Dogg was forced to watch as armed men took turns indulging their viciousness and performed mutilations - too horrific to describe - on his aunt and uncle.
Samuel Mijok Lang, a.k.a. Hot Dogg – a name the Lost Boys gave him because that’s all he ate his first year in Canada – is a survivor. His faith in God reflects his faith in the innate goodness of people. In spite of everything he’s been through, he believes that if Canadians knew what the Lost Boys went through; what the people of Darfur are presently going through, they would unite to stop it.


Genocide in Sudan

Written By: Mijok Land aka Hot Dogg

Verse 1
I’m a young Sudanese
That lived for my life as a refugee
I’m so tired of genocide
Since war started from north side to south side
We been to the bad life since God creation
Nobody knows why but ancestor corruption
Politicians make money outta death
Everyday people dying, now you like that?
People been talkin’ ‘bout peace in Sudan
As I look back in the future but nothing is done
I still heard a gun sound in Darfur
Government corrupt: still talkin’ and laughin’
Ain’t so far, now you in a trap
Worldwide watching
Ya’ still gonna pay
Cuz they know what happening
Matter-a-fact where you from
South side or north side
Stop killing in Darfur
Cuz I’m tired of genocide

We fed of war
Let’s stop the war
Please stop genocide ohhh
Don’t be hater’s ohhh
Cuz God say – meow, meow, meow
Stop killing – meow, meow, meow
Cuz we need peace – meow, meow
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow

Verse 2
I’m so pissed with tha world of terrorists
Bombs dropping to the innocent
They never care cuz they know their terrorists
I’m so tired of this – where the human right at?
The world watching – where the superstar at?
The rich laughing – you know where the poor at
Tears dropping – you know where the poor at
They said peace keeping force in Sudan
Getting dollars but nothing is done
As a worldwide put your hands together
Matter-a-fact where you from? Chinese or Sudan
We can do it together
When we stop racism of being a Muslim or Christian
I’m so tired of the North – Janjaweed
The government rebellion
That train to go and kill burnt down the villages
Mujahadeen act crazy like they smoke weed
As a worldwide put action

We fed of war
Let’s stop the war
Please stop genocide ohhh
Don’t be hater’s ohhh
Cuz God say – meow, meow, meow
Stop killing – meow, meow, meow
Cuz we need peace – meow, meow
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow

Verse 3
They said Arabic is my second language
Invented by the trader
And spread like garbage
You know I can’t speak it
But I speak in English
Now I’m telling the world wide
Cuz I speak in English
The true story of my country
And my life
You know I never lie in my lifetime
Cuz I was born in a war zone
Born at the south side
I’m so tired of genocide
Since Osama bin Laden been to Sudan
Who know where he is?
He’s in Sudan?
In 1996 Osama bin Laden started training terrorists in Sudan
Making it as a terrorist
Number one base in Africa
Now people dying everyday

We fed of war
Let’s stop the war
Please stop genocide ohhh
Don’t be hater’s ohhh
Cuz God say – meow, meow, meow
Stop killing – meow, meow, meow
Cuz we need peace – meow, meow
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow


Lost in War CD (2007)

Set List

My sets are typically 45 mins. I usually perform Lost Boy,Changes, U Can't See Me, Warembo, Genocide, Everywhere I Look. At the beginning of my shows, I like to raise awareness about my Lost Boys and Girls and the genocide and civil-war in Sudan, and the circumstances that lead to our diaspora.