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Hotel – Our Demon Brother (Under England Records) Out Now!


It’s well known that New York is a musical hot bed right now. There are hundreds of qualities too numerous to mention that are screaming for our attention. But America’s neighbours Canada are also producing some quality music that deserves our attention, there’s the under rated ‘Hidden Cameras’ who are like a perverse version of ‘The Polyphonic Spree’, and the Cure obsessed ‘Hot Hot Heat’, who’ll shortly be seen gracing Rock City’s main stage, to name but two. Canada’s musical hub is Toronto, and there’s currently a whole crop of bands, with the ability and following to be able to sell out large Canadian venues, who are clearly on the verge of recognition on a much larger scale.

One such band is 5-piece ‘Hotel’ who peddle highly addictive, 80’s tainted rock, that’s clearly reminiscent of early ‘U2’. There’s a raw quality that’s been captured on this mini album; that brings about a sense of nostalgia and heartbreak to songs such as ‘Waiting For That Kiss’, an infectious song, cleverly textured and elevated by poignant keyboards that allow lead singer Jack Forrest’s deep smooth voice room to breath and captivate.

Elsewhere ‘Green Food’ is a song that Dave Gahan would certainly have wanted to record on his solo album, had he been given the opportunity. ‘Pink Crack’ is built around a fuzzy electo hook, which sounds as though the band travelled back to 1985 to record it. It is so retro that it’s effortlessly chic, and stands up to repeat plays.

‘One More Night In Hundred’ seems to be a vent for some pent up frustration, and is perhaps the only weak point on an otherwise flawless album. A passion- filled rant that seems a little lost and out of place on this seven song collection.

Something incredible seems to be happening; and at the moment Canada is the only place that seems to have noticed! Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, and here’s a band with pedigree that’s begging to be noticed; they’ve opened for Interpol and The Warlocks, and have been highly rotated on American College radio stations. This album is currently only available in the UK from the bands website, ( but it’s certainly worth a look for those of us that don’t like to have disposable pop rammed down our throats by Radio One et al.
- Greg Thomas

"NOW Magazine"

Hotel - Our Demon Brother
New and Notable Releases

On this effervescent seven-song mini-album, local alt-rockers Hotel betray their debt to the dark 80s pop of the Cure and New Order more blatantly than they did on their watered-down U2-ish Enjoy Your Stay debut. That's a good thing. Singer Jack Forrest snarls with a vicious snottiness that's sexy and British to the core, which makes for fab erotic tension when Joydrop chanteuse Tara Slone shows up to warble backing vocals on a few tracks. Producers Greg O'Shea and Jordan Zadorozny (of Blinker the Star) ensure the disc has the kind of sparkling pop production that's tailor-made for rock radio play, which suits me fine, since I was waiting for a new crew of alterna-champs to wrest the mass market crown away from Our Lady Peace. Coming to a stadium near you. Hotel launch Our Demon Brother at the Horseshoe this Friday (October 17). - Sarah Liss


Enjoy Your Stay - 2001 - Under England Records
Our Demon Brother - 2003 - Under England Records/MapleNationwide/Universal


Feeling a bit camera shy


With memorable hooks, solid musicianship, Jack Forrest's soaring vocals and deceptively clever lyrics, Hotel's music is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is contemporary yet heavily influenced by the best of the 80s - early U2, The Cure and Kirk Cameron. They possess a pop sensibility that is instantly infectious and stands up to repeated listening.

Their latest effort is a seven song mini-album called Our Demon Brother, produced by Jordon Zadorozny (Sam Roberts) and Greg O'Shea (Starling, K-OS). It features guest vocal performances by Tara Slone (Joydrop) on "Green Food" and "Striped."

The first single from Our Demon Brother is "Pink Crack" which is doing well at commercial radio right across Canada including Ottawa's XFM, Toronto's Edge 102, Winnipeg's CITI FM, Edmonton's The Bear, Vancouver's CFOX and more!

Our Demon Brother is distributed by MapleNationwide/Universal.

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