Hotel Amigo

Hotel Amigo


A musical journey through reggae, mambo, latin, ska combined with fun rock'n roll. 5 Amigo's with great charisma and a lot of power on stage


Hotel Amigo started at the end of 2006, 5 friends that played together in other bands wanted to do their own thing.
They choose Jenne Decleir, who is an actor/singer (and songwriter) to be the frontman. After one year and having made a lot of songs they were ready to do live-performances.
In 2007 they had gigs at Mano Mundo, Openlucht Theater Rivierenhof, Amnesty Concert Antwerp,...
At the end of 2007 they sent their demo to Hennie Vrienten (Doe Maar) as he was their great example (and influences of Doe Maar are present in their music), they wanted him to produce their album. He was interessed enough to have a meeting with them. And he liked their music very much, said that are really talented musicans. He even wanted to work on new songs with them. But unfortunately he's not doing any producerswork anymore. So they went with their demo to Motormusic studio's (Belgium) to look for a good producer to make their album. When they heard the music, they inmediately wanted to sign it under their label Evil Penuin Records.
Producers of the album were Jonas Filtenborg (producer of the latest album of Beef, wellknown in the Netherlands) and Huub Reijnders (produced Krezip).
The album "Welkom" was released at the end of May 08.
2008 they had gigs in Petrol, Zomerfestival Vlaanderen (different locations) en Polé Polé.


Weg van de Planeet, single
Welkom, full album

Set List

Welkom in Hotel Amigo
Pass me the doobie
Weg van de Planeet
Plassen in een plasbak
Raam met de rode lampjes
Zo zat als ne patat

One set, between 50 and 60 min.