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'Hotel Motel fit perfectly on a timeline of techno tragedy, coming over like Alison Goldfrapp singing for Depeche Mode at their sinful, synthful best' - by Simon Price

'If indie bands that start with 'the' and end with 'heard it all before' are starting to taste like watered down beers, Hotel Motel is refreshing, bubbly champagne' - Annikke Isaksen

'Roxy Music album cover come to life' - Artrocker

'A strong willed band with great self assurance, Hotel Motel have no time for anyone that is scared of their sound' - Emily Warner

'Out of the 50 song GIRLMONSTER compilation, its hard to pick a handful of highlights, but Hotel Motel's swaggering SUCKER MAN and Juliette & the licks YOURE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE are on my permanent repeat list' - John M. James

'Hotel Motel's SUCKER MAN - fronted by charismatic songwriter Marika Gauci, their 'retro-futurist' London sound combines grit and glamour' - Lucy O'Brien (Author)


NEED 2 KNOW released on Beautycase Records (Berlin)

SUCKER MAN released by Chicks On Speed Records, on GIRL MONSTER COMPILATION with other artists such as Bjork, Juliet and the Licks, Peaches and Siouxie.



We love bands like the Killers, The Cure, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Nicks, Bryan Ferry and The Knife.
We aim to make classic songs that can be played anywhere. Imagine driving late at night, with a cigarette in one hand feeling like you can go anywhere. We love the sense of being somewhere else, somewhere free from any cares, call us dreamers if you like. We are passionate about what we write, and not afraid to be different.

Marika started the band, firstly writing and performing on her own, then followed the occasional 'power suit dancers' but then she got lonely, and needed others to share and work with.

Oliver came to hear about Hotel Motel through his video director brother who brought him along to a show, he soon joined as co-producer/guitarist. Very soon followed Jorja, we met on and soon became synth and sax player. Now we have all the ingredients, the Hotel Motel sound is starting to take shape, and keeps growing stronger.

We perform as a three peice, but now for live shows we are searching for a great drummer to give our sound an extra kick!