Hotel Oakland

Hotel Oakland

 Oakland, California, USA

One album every season of every year. That's 4 albums a year. 4 albums makes one floor of the Hotel Oakland. Starting in Summer '09, the Hotel Oakland has released 6 albums. In other words, construction is ahead of schedule.


Hotel Oakland--
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Hotel Oakland - Debut, August '09 - Summer, 1st Floor
Fall Freaks - October '09 - Autumn, 1st Floor
Holly Holly Holly - December '09 - Winter, 1st Floor
Danger Inn Waiting - April 2010 - Spring, 1st Floor

Breakfast Balls (double album) - June 2010 - Summer, 2nd Floor
Water, Guns & Roses - July 2010 - Autumn, 2nd Floor
Hollywood Horses - (in production) - Winter, 2nd Floor