Hotel of the Laughing Tree

Hotel of the Laughing Tree

 New York City, New York, USA

The original & raw sounds on their debut EP landed Hotel the MTVu Best Music on Campus Award in 2009. They have been on a steady climb ever since:Signed in 2010, Hotel's debut album "Terror and Everything After" was the #1 Breakout Album for independent music stores nationwide in February 2011.


Hotel of the Laughing Tree is an indie/rock/pop from Long Island, New York that has been on a steady climb since the band's inception in late 2008. In August 2009 Hotel self-released their debut EP "Old Dominion" with producer Joshua Silverberg at Red Red Studios. After releasing the EP, Hotel took home MTVu's Best Music on Campus Award at the 6th Annual MTVu Woodie Awards at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

In January 2010, Hotel was featured in Alternative Press Magazine as the Unsigned Band of the Week; a competition that Hotel would not be eligible for the following year after being signing to indie label Brookvale Records in August 2010. Together, Brookvale and Hotel released the band's debut full length album "Terror and Everything After" in February 2011. Hotel reached the #1 Breakout Album and the #3 Independent Artist slots in Terror's first week of sales on the CIMS Sales Charts (Independent Music stores nationwide). Terror was also present on the StreetPulse and SoundScan charts. This attention landed Hotel in March 2011's issue of Alternative Press as one of the Top Bands You Need to Know for 2011 as well as other publications such as Substream, Rolling Stone, and AbsolutePunk.

Consistent work on writing new material and solidifying their live show have Hotel ready to make huge strides in the coming years. So often the problem with bands is that they lose their drive to continue in the face of tremendous odds of "making it" in an industry that has been flipped on its head. To the members of Hotel of the Laughing Tree it's never been about anything else other than simply making music they love.

Hotel of the Laughing Tree released a digital free download of their latest work, an EP entitled "Mammoth Skin Pt. 1." This low-key, stripped down EP did not provide the same glamour as their previous release, Terror and Everything After. However, it provided a "return to roots" for the band, and a new philosophy of concentrating on musical growth rather than the fickle demands of the ever-changing industry. With a clearer idea of what they desire to achieve, Hotel of the Laughing Tree continue on their journey.


Mammoth Skin Pt. 1 (2012)
1. Make Waves
2. People That We Please
3. Flowers and Lawyers
4. Waterfall Games
5. Brotherly Thunder

Terror and Everything After (2011):
1. Barnaby Bison’s Blind
2. Another Harvard Renaissance
3. God's Great Gumball Machine
4. Noah
5. Winchester Devil Grass
6. Weather Maps for Nikolai
7. Sanctuary
8. Gunpowder Falls
9. Bad Canterbury
10. Forging the Family Name
11. Mont St. Michel
12. Ghosts in the Basement
13. Terror and Everything After
14. Lazarus

Old Dominion EP (2009):
1. Hello World
2. Giants in Dimly Lit Rooms
3. Sunday Squires
4. Old Dominion
5. Arts N' Economics
6. A Sigh in the Juniper House
7. Mourning Glory
8. Lowlands 1887