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Yes, it’s music to dance to – you’d be hard-pressed to stay still, in fact. - globalvillageidiots/USA

"breizh/ Germany"

“… one of Austria’ s most innovative folk groups. … Musicians who developed their own outstanding style: Pan-European Folk Music.” - breizh/ Germany

"Gazette du Morvan/ France"

« Au grand bal morvandiau du samedi soir … ca va de 7 a 77 ans. … Sur la vaste scène les musiciens se succèdent et enchaînent sans interruption. … Et vas-y que j´ te tourne dans une ambiance surchauffée avec les très bons Autrichiens Hotel Palindrone … .» - Gazette du Morvan/ France

"der wiener salon/Austria"

“Hotel Palindrone put life into the contest by presenting their European folk crossover. Original instruments from all over the continent were played with joy and wit: A completely new sound blowing away all the dust which has covered traditional music for years. (2005-Appearance at the final of the Austrian World Music Award 2005) - der wiener salon/Austria

"Kurier / Austria"

The World Music band Hotel Palindrone reliably prove with every album how irrelevant any kind of frontier is, and how much fun you can have if you go beyond limits. Their new CD “Dial 1702” (Extraplatte) combines again Alpine, Scandinavian, and trad Balkan music – and anything else that comes into their minds with great ease that makes you dance! Most amazing of all: you never feel these musical roots have been forced together, you never “see” the join! … simply music! (Tartarotti 2008) - Kurier / Austria

" / USA"

"The band that brought the music to Borneo this year was Austrian Hotel Palindrone, and yes, they had bagpipes, plus a good sprinkle of yodeling no less. It apparently took the organizers four years to find a band with the hurdy-gurdy, and it proved to be well worth the wait." (Rainforest World Music Festival - 2006) - / USA

"CD-Review of "Dial 1702""

"These guys are the epitome of what many people say they want in their music—innovation, creativity, adventurousness, professionalism, talent."

- Frank Gutch Jr.,, USA/UK, 2008

"fRoots Magazine, 3 page articel"

"Every piece they perform shines through their incredible musicianship. All four members of the band play about 300 instruments each - well, at least three. Albin Paulus plays bagpipes, clarinet, bambarde, shawm, willow flute, fujara and jew's harp. And finding that one jew's harp is never enough, plays thress at the same time. He also yodels - beautifully. ........ Hotel Palindrone. Such a lovely place."
- Elizabeth Kinder, fRroots, March 2009

"... absolute killers live ..."

" There are bands that slot readily into pigeonholes, and that's fine.
But there are others who gleefully refuse to be categorized, like the
wonderfully named Hotel Palindrome. They're from Austria, a country with
a small but perfectly formed folk tradition, even if it's not exactly
well-known, and they explore that in several different ways, as well as
contributing their own material and a piece by Mozart who, after all,
was Austrian. All four members are multi-instrumentalists with a total
of 20 instruments between them, a perverse sense of humor and some quite
remarkable chops that they exercise almost casually, whether it's on
"Landler 1702," the old written piece of Austrian folk music, or the
psychedelic bagpipe swirl of their own "Travel Flow." It's an album of
surprises that at times harks towards Breton folk, as on the slightly
manic "Landler 8 Temps," and others just sit outside description, to be
enjoyed and devoured. While this album does their prodigious talents
justice, it's a certainty they'd also be absolute killers live, with
energy and drive to spare in among the intriguing amounts of subtlety.--CN "
- Chris Nickson, SING OUT!


Elegance (1999) – Extraplatte EX 350 099-2
Samo Riba (live 2003) – by Extraplatte EX 650 003-2
Dial 1702 (2007) – Extraplatte EX 705-2

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HOTEL PALINDRONE - no, that’s not somewhere to spend the night, but the winners of the Austrian World Music Audience Award 2005.

European & alpine roots music played with vigour passion, virtuosity and a whole lot of fun. Although Hotel Palindrone's music is predominantly dance orientated, they're equally at home in a concert-setting. In the end it's impossible to define HOTEL PALINDRONEs sound and put their music into any single genre.
It's quirky, full of life and without a doubt they're poised to make an impressive international impact ... with appearances at festivals in the UK, Mexico, Borneo, The Netherlands, Switzerland already spreading the word!

Blending real talent with original compositions drawn from their European roots this band is quite simply excellent and unique.

More than 20 instruments … featuring some lesser played instruments ie.
jew’s harp, nyckelharpa, Bock, Sackpfeifen (bagpipes) and willow flutes.
Vocally HOTEL PALINDRONE features Austria’s most famous sound – the yodel – European thought-singing.

Most recently HOTEL PALINDRONE has been delighted to have their lastest album “Dial 1702” acknowledged by Trad Magazine (F) as one of their recommended CD's (awarded a “Bravo!!!!”, April 08).

If Mozart had been alive today, he would no doubt be a fan!


“Pretty much irresistible” (Sing Out!/USA)
“A joyful surprise” (TradMagazine/F)
“An excellent band of multi-instrumentalists” (

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