Hotel Palindrone

Hotel Palindrone

 Vienna, Vienna, AUT

HOTEL PALINDRONE an Austrian acoustic quartet encompassing many musical facets drawn from Austria, but farther afield too. Powerful, inventive, quality and real fun.

Having surprised their audiences and press around the world since 1995, recently at the BBC radio 3 stage at WOMAD live broadcast.

Their latest album JODULATOR (2011), both ironic and iconic echoing (around) the Alps, in fact, yes, yodeling! It was honored finding a place on the favorites listing for the German Record Critic


Hotel Palindrone

HOTEL PALINDRONE is an Austrian acoustic quartet that “houses” music traditions from Austria, shaken and stirred with many other European roots, with jazz and classical music.

Full of power, inventiveness and real fun HOTEL PALINDRONE surprises their audience and the press around the world since 1995. For example on the BBC radio 3 stage at WOMAD-Festival where their concert was live broadcast on BBC radio 3. Amongst a superb variety of instruments the more traditional ones, like hurdy gurdy, jews harps and bagpipes, flirt with the bass-guitar or the jazzy saxophone.

Their latest album JODULATOR, the name is based on that most iconic of Alpine pastimes, yodelling, got honored by finding its way on the favorite list of the German Record Critics Award 3/2011 and by the album award “bravo!” of the French Trad Magazine.

And we should say … their music is made to listen a n d to dance to: Bourree, Chapelloise, Austrian Ländler, Polka, Waltz, Mazurka …


Concerts - In Austria from prestigious venues like Konzerthaus Vienna to Ost Klub, International: BBC radio 3 stage at WOMAD-Festival / live broadcast on BBC radio 3, Sidmouth and Broadstairs Folk Week, Towersey Festival (GB), TFF Rudolstadt, Musikfestspiele Sanssouci, numerous “Tanzhaus” performances (D),!-Festival, Concertgebouw Amsterdam (NL), Boombal Festival, Gooikorts-Festival (BE), Porta Festival (Latvia), CH, I, Mexico, Borneo and performances in numerous Austrian Cultural Forums.

Awards - German Folkpreis Eisener Eversteiner 2009
Austrian World Music Audience Award 2005


„Beautifully crafted, there is a slightly maniac undertone evident of some of these tunes suggesting a musical balancing act that could easily decline in chaos, but such is their completely matery of instruments and material that the balance Is effortlessly maintained.” (CD-Review by Dave Haslam, R2 Magazin, GB/2011)

“Firmly rooted in tradition, … an inspiring and timeless integration of classical, prog rock and jazz arrangements. Each time you listen you find something new. ... Every piece they perform shines through their incredible musicianship. ... Hotel Palindrone. Such a lovely place.” (After seen the band live at WOMAD ... Eilzabeth Kinder, fRoots / GB/2008)

"These guys are the epitome of what many people say they want in their music—innovation, creativity, adventurousness, professionalism, talent." (CD-review by Frank Gutch Jr.,, USA/UK, 2008)


Jodulator (2011, Hoanzl/Ordis)
Dial 1702 (2007, Extraplatte)
Samo RIba (2003, Extraplatte)
Elegance (1999, Extraplatte)