Hotel War

Hotel War


Our music is our music, there really is nothing like it. That is what we believe in, and hard work. Not because of pretentions but because we have faith in true, honest music prevailing above everything else.


What sets us apart from every other band are a few things. We do not come from musical backgrounds, money, or limits. We have been in this band and this band only and have been influenced by wine, women, travels, friends and every respectable artist to come before us. Our story is simple, giving up everything we've ever known to chase down something we've never known.


We have released one self titled EP. We have had a couple different tracks played on the major, independent, and college stations in and out of the state!

Set List

keep it cool girl
daddy didnt know
cant see
where can this go
chin of gold

Our set usually last aroud 40-45 minutes. We have had to shorten and lengthen our set to fit different bills before, this has never been a problem.