Hotel Wrecking City Traders

Hotel Wrecking City Traders

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Hotel Wrecking City Traders (HWCT) have been dislodging earwax, busting strings and sticks and blowing minds since 2007. HWCT are an instrumental noise rock duo with a heavy focus on improvisation and a love of loud volume and the psychedelic.


HWCT have been invited to play shows with the likes of: Eagle Twin (USA), Earthless (USA), Om (USA), Holy Sons (USA), Lichens (USA), Ten East (USA), Black Cobra (USA), Zeni Geva (Japan), , Monarch (Fr), Grey Daturas (Aust), Winnebago Deal (UK), Nunchukka Superfly (Aust), Budd (Aust), ) The Hard-Ons (Aust), Electric Eel Shock (Jpn), Ryokuchi (Jpn), My Disco (Aust),

Ben Wrecker also joined Winnebago Deal (UK) on drums as a last minute stand-in on their debut tour of Australia in 2008 . Winnebago Deal returned to Australia again the following year with HWCT in support once again.


'EP' (2007)
‘Black Yolk’ (2008)
'Somer/Wantok’ 7 Inch Vinyl (2010)
All through Bro Fidelity records (Australia).

HWCT will soon release their first collaborative effort - featuring Gary Arce (Yawning Man/Ten East). An offer from Gary that eventuated from HWCT supporting Ten East on tour in Australia - Due for release May 2011 on Bro Fidelity/Cobraside Distribution.