The Hotel Year

The Hotel Year

 Charlton, Massachusetts, USA

Signing to Mightier Than Sword Fall 2011, the band has seen coverage on all major & most minor niche outlets. Their debut, " never goes out" has received overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim. The Hotel Year presents diverse & intelligent songwriting with lyrical ability beyond their years.


Killin rock stars, hatin dads, lovin life, hatin life, becomin (so) numb towards life, smashin the state, bein barefoot,ridin peds, gettin sad, just wantin our friends back, the lazy version of diy, poppin punks, fuckin macho bullshit (gender is a social construct), hatin moshin, thinkin we know who we are n always bein wrong, bein blindly optimistic, thinkin we understand the universal truth n always bein wrong, werewolf partyin, hatin america, hatin capitalism, hatin marx, lovin marx, hatin industrialization, lovin the internet, tellin the founding fathers "You're not my real dad", Jon Landry lovin us, John Darling never gettin to be our merch guy, Tolstoy, Thoreau, Nietzsche, Foucault, Chomsky, Zinn, Vonnegut (so trendy), Silverstein (not the band), existentialism (on prom night), lovin Good Charlotte/Simple Plan/Lit/Blink 182/The Used/Mest/and MCR... then thinkin that we are too cool for them, then lovin them again, hatin work, lovin workin, hatin school, lovin learnin, the best things in life are free, lovin everyone for who they are, buildin community, bein friends, doin everythin in our power to be happy, and of course (drumroll) havin fun.


" never goes out" (10/11/11) Mightier Than Sword Records