Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Teaching leadership through entrepreneurship which inspires a strong work ethic. That’s what the hustle is all about.


Hotep is the founder of HustleUniversity.Org. A veteran educator, Morehouse College graduate and entertainment media mogul, Hotep is widely recognized for his out-the-box thinking, guerilla marketing tactics and his unique “common sense” approach to teaching leadership through entrepreneurship. His motto is, “Don’t wait for opportunity, CREATE IT”!

He has written 2 books " Hustle While You Work" and " The Hustlers 10 Commandments". He has also produced a film called " The Huslters Guide To The Entertainment Industry"

“People are looking for answers. They are tired of the old Secret of Success and Get Rich Quick scams. The way to become successful is not a secret and the only people that get rich quickly are those that are already rich or the lucky few. For the rest of us it’s a matter of Knowing one’s Purpose, Living with Passion and Exerting one’s Power.” - Hotep