we are basically a combination of prog-rock and garage-rock. we like being loud and punchy but want to include some melodic and harmonic excitement. essentially we are a sort of post-9/11 rock duo.


I (owen) met Chris (drummer) at school. we played in a couple groups together and always had a cordial repartee. years passed after i graduated and after playing in various projects i decided i wanted to start a group with a nice aggressive but groovy drummer. chris was my man. We got together and worked out the songs i had written and started playing around. Our influences include, The Fall, Eric Dolphy, Nirvana, Hella, Lightning Bolt, Neil Young, Joanna Newsom. We are different form other bands in that we blend many different styles to create one cohesive style.


We have a self-released CD and Tape E.P.

Set List

Sets usually last 45-60 min. song list: Thoughts Present, Orphans, Let This Go, Fires of Prometheus, Purple Brain, Hell, Harp Song, They're Not There. We usually play all of our songs. Sometime we cover 'All Apologies' by Nirvana.