Hot Garbage

Hot Garbage

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

We are four self-taught musicians who are soully concerned with making the kind of music we love most. We know what we want to do and we know exactly what we don't want to do. And nowhere else have I met a more fun and dynamic group of people.


Attention cellar dwellars, stumblebums and sexy intellectuals: Hot Garbage is on the prowl and in the hunt for your approval! And what with their approach of writing relevant lyrics of everyday strife and sentimentality put to compositions that are playful, yet professional, they’re betting they’ll get it too

Hot Garbage is a four piece of harmonious assault featuring Jason Price (Guitar, Vocals), Cormac Gartland (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), Jesse Price (Drums), and George Spafford (Bass). They have been recording and playing throughout the New York Tri-State area for the better part of three years and are now starting a new chapter in Pittsburgh, PA.

Originally hailing from Beacon, NY the origins of how HG came to be an actual band are fuzzy at best. What started out as a way to dodge familial/occupational/educational responsibilities was eventually crafted into a legitimate emotional outlet by increasingly proficient musicians. Less than six months into rehearsing together the band decided to record its first demo and in the Summer of ‘07 they did just that with the release of GodVommit (Self-Released). While the musicianship, recording and song-writing were, at that time, nothing short of amateur the recordings elicited an enduring spirit that showcased a band fearlessly exploring obscure influences, playing to empty rooms and sticking it out for the fun of it. Over the course of the next year the band’s catalogue continued to expand and before long they had outgrown their initial recordings, so in early ‘08 the band recorded another set of four songs to be featured on a self-titled demo. This recording, done in a friends garage for no money, eventually caught the attention of local New Paltz recording industry magnate Gary Levitt of Young Love Studios (

Now awaiting their first official release, Probably Not (Out Now!), Hot Garbage is ready to take the next step to showcase their “unique, dynamic and unmistakable style” (-Adam Roufberg, to the rest of the world. Nowhere is this distinctive and unlikely approach toward making experimental modern rock/pop in the same vein as Pavement, Quasi and Big Star more apparent than on Probably Not. Consisting of six songs and recorded in two days at Young Love Studios in New Paltz, NY, Probably Not captures the band in performance mode. The delicate melancholy of modern tenement living is there, as is the roaring, up-tempo guitar and solid rhythm section. It is this live rock originality that will stand the test of time, and become the trademark of a band concerned with making decent music.


I Must Be Depressed

Written By: Cormac Gartland

It's a pretty preface
the epilogue's depressing
taking pity as a preference
while destiny is defenseless.
form more words
start another sentence
to see if it works the way
that I had intended

Quasi stylized/bold and italicized
should I really lay it on this thick?
probably not
but I shrunk down/to normal size
with old ideals and idle eyes
while I got drunk and hung around
til I was part of the ground

It's a silly little song
the melody's all wrong
and the lyrics are written in Latin
so no one sings along
but four more words
would give the song a name
so I'm taking a stab at a guess:
I must be depressed?

Soft Spoken Silence

Written By: Cormac Gartland

So we speak in slow motion
God's a creep cos he's pro-abortion
in a myriad dreams that fell in the ocean
as a maudlin masterpiece that's always joking

Take yr time, I can wait
for you to tell me lies
so we speak in the same old way
if gravity abides

all yr lies are true now
and there's nothing to talk about
but you were loud and just about
to blame it on the ground

If I choose to distort or lose my only empty point of view
Memories recede into echoless retreats and it makes you laugh it made me weep
Made me grateful, maybe doubtful of the things I never said
A soft spoken silence, vibrant and timeless:
I'm tired of tying my shoes.


Probably Not EP, released 9/1/10, available on iTunes, amazon, Rhapsody, and more. Played live on WVKR Vassar College Radio, radio play on WPTS, Pittsburgh and WVKR.

Set List

(In no particualr order): Stating the Obvious, I wanna Ride In A Car, Awaiting in the melting tray, I must be Depressed, I'm In Hell, Soft Spoken Silence, What could last?, Why would you want to tell yrself that?, My Father's Sigh, So Easily Seen; Oh, Fruitless Fruition; Try Again (For Steggo), I Don't Believe, Please; No, I Insist; No, I Refuse;