Hot Hands

Hot Hands


Then along comes Hot Hands. Jeffrey and Kristin together are a gritty, blatant noisepop band creating the perfect under two-minute pop song.


Jeffrey and Kristin have been in several bands together. It's how they first met and the rest, as they say, is history. They've played with such bands as Mates of State, Jucifer and toured with Angry Samoans. They plan on getting married early 2009.

REVIEW: "Hailing straight from the garage down the block, Hot Hands strips it all down to the absolute bare essentials to grind out their two-minute (that's all it takes to get their point across) noise-pop tunes. Drums, guitar and screeching vocals meld into one pumping ball of energy that throws back to the days of Darby Crash and the Germs, minus the flying beer bottles. Probably." -- Orlando Weekly. 1/3/08.

LIVE REVIEW: "Closing was the hit-and-run garage-pop of Hot Hands. Comprised of drummer Kristin Messina and guitarist Jeffrey Howard (whose collective résumé includes Jeanie & the Tits, the Courtneys and the Sharp Objects), the girlfriend-boyfriend duo bashed out a set that was exactly like my first kiss: amateurishly sloppy but totally awesome. Besides enjoyable music, the ridiculous exchanges between the two made the performance virtually a comedy act." -- Orlando Weekly. 1/10/08.


2008 - Guts compilation - Post Records.
2008 - TBA 7" on Kick Bright Records.

Set List

We're fast and noisy. We don't play over 30 minutes.