Hot Head Show

Hot Head Show

 London, England, GBR

Hot Head Show perform daredevil Avant-Rock, as melodically engaging as it is unconventional - something like Deerhoof fronted by Tom Waits playing Kinks tunes backwards on a flaming tightrope at Jack White's Jazz night.


"a complete one off, incomparable to anything you will have heard before"

"Appealingly bizzare...a genuinely fresh take on ska"
Time Out

"Somewhere between the textbook sounds of Jamiroquai and an attitude-laden Girls Aloud number...Hot Head Show are very different."
Fat Llama New Music Review

Though its three members have played together on and off in countless bands, orchestras, choirs and other music groups since they were small children, Jordan, Jamie and Max started Hot Head Show in earnest early in 2008.

All six of their parents are full-time working musicians, counting among their number two orchestral players, a Shakuhachi soloist, a prolific Hollywood filmscore composer, Europe's foremost bowed bicycle wheel virtuoso, and the lead singer of 70's prog-acid outfit Curved Air. To these people music is, and always has been, the family business.

Having now supplemented their regular diet of impromptu squat party appearances with around 40 club dates, as well as out-of-town gigs in places like Brighton, Nottingham and Leeds, their live show is a formidable exercise in musical slight of hand; tension, contrast, cunning twists and sudden explosions- true rock & roll theatre that attempts to tread the very limits of what a simple three piece guitar band can be.

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Chopstickabean EP - Sept 2008

Set List

HHS like to play anything between 20 and 40 minutes of original songs. Some songs are very short (1-2mins), others launch into longer instrumental adventures. Tracks generally segue seamlessly, with two or three breaks in the set for banter and applause.