Hot Japanese Girl

Hot Japanese Girl

 Nottingham, England, GBR

New Krank garage sleaze. Art punk with scant regard for your personal space.


Hot Japanese Girl formed in late 2009, receiving rapturous reviews and garnering a reputation for putting on one a hell of a show and engaging the audience ever since. No instrument is safe and in some incidents even crowd members have been encouraged to join in the destruction. As a result of their frenetic energetic shows, their fangroup keeps getting bigger with every single gig they play.

After a slew of gigs and festivals thoughout the UK they are now recording their first E.P and video with Notts label- I'm Not From London Records.

Word of Hot Japanese Girl spread to the ears of a Swedish film production company and they have been used as the band interest and soundtrack to a film "DezZzire" coming out next year where they will be playing the premiere in Stockholme and will be touring the UK in February 2011 and Europe in May.

They are also featured in a documentary and soundtrack to a film exploring DIY band culture and the Nottingham music scene being released in summer 2011.

Their live shows truly have to be seen to be believed, each gig is very different from the last, past shows have included live bondage, throwing money into the moshpit, dancing bears and giant crowd surfing mice.

Their sound has been likened to early T Rex, The Clash, Queens of the Stoneage and Future of The Left but if pushed will settle for "New krank art punk sleaze" - an ever morphing musical beast, "Hot Japanese Girl" will tear you a new pigeonhole!


EP - Coming soon

Video - Coming soon