Toronto, Ontario, CAN

“Stripped of all things pretentious, it is nothing but unadulterated pure garage rock at its finest. There is also just something about Harrison’s fuzzed out yet fierce vocals that just makes them irresistible.”


How do you describe HOTKID to your friends? Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, Erics Trip, and No Age all mashed together would come close.

SHILOH HARRISON is a rock n roll lightening bolt who is hard to miss, whether it be on tape or on stage! The band, rounded out by bassist PETER MCINTOSH and drummer ROBBIE BUTCHER have recently toured the US with Can rock icons SLOAN, released multiple LPs, EPs and singles, had viral YouTube, MTV and VideoFACT success with their music videos (Yours and Mine, Rip It Into Pieces), and they're only getting warm.

Go ahead and say those two syllables, HOTKID. Your turntable, dance party, and 2:00AM headlining slot will thank you.

Stay wild, HOTKID.


Courage to Fight  - EP 2012
Rip It Into Pieces - Single 2011
Under the Streetlight - EP 2010
Someday Somehow - LP 2009