Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz

Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz


Hotlanta sets your feet firmly on Bourbon Street in Old New Orleans. You’ll experience every bit of the joy, energy, and humor of that early American Jazz called Dixieland.


Hotlanta performs traditional New Orleans Jazz as heard in the first jazz era, 1900 - 1935. Songs from Fats Waller, Hoagy Carmichael, Louie Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, plus many old favorites like “Sweet Georgia Brown”, “Royal Garden Blues”, “South”, “Hard Hearted Hannah”, and “When The Saints Go Marchin’ In” are all part of Hotlanta’s musical treat. Based in Atlanta, this group has performed extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia since 1990. The band is in the traditional Dixieland format of clarinet, cornet, trombone, banjo, tuba, and drums. Vocals, both group and individual are featured. The music is authentic, zealous, and joyful. In other words, great fun!


Sound clips can be heard on our website,

We have released the following CD's:

1. Happy Feet
2. Ain't No Jazz Like Dixieland
3. Greatest Hits
4. Strictly Instrumental
5. Live In Concert

Set List

Sets are 45 minutes to an hour. In a concert format we usually do 2 hours. All our music is from 1900-1935. The following, taken from a recent concert is a typical two hour concert program:

"Original Dixieland One-step"

"Clementine From New Orleans"

"Bourbon Street Parade"

Jelly Roll Morton's "Winin’ Boy Blues"

"Hard Hearted Hannah The Vamp From

"Is It True What They Say About Dixie"
(Clarinet feature)

Band Intoduction to Audience

Hoagy Carmichael's "New Orleans"

"Walkin’ Stick"

Irving Berlin's "Alexander’s Ragtime Band"

Our second set is usually audience requests from a list of 80 songs printed in the program. The audience chooses their favorite songs during intermission. This is always great fun for the audience by allowing them to participate in the concert programing. Our final song is always a rousing "When The Saints Go Marchin' In"