Hot Lava

Hot Lava

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

An absurd version of The Pretenders. Hot Lava is the alternative to alternative rock.


Hot Lava started out with Allison Apperson and Bill Thompson drinking heavily and making silly tunes recorded in Garageband. Three years and eight lineups later, Allison is still making silly tunes with the edge of a seasoned songwriter alongside fellow VCUarts alumni Andrew Mowe, Jared Sosa and Matt Deans.


Lavalogy (2008)

Set List

A typical setlist is 10 songs and runs for 25-30 minutes.
1. Bird
2. Brainex
3. Iggy
4. Mummy Beach
5. Jpeg
6. Yeah
7. Blue Dragon
8. Resolutions
9. Ghosties
10. Apple+Option+Fire

It consists mainly of material from "Lavalogy." If the venue would like us to play for longer we have older songs, covers of friends' bands and classic rock and we try to flesh out new ones once in a while.