Hot Lava Monster

Hot Lava Monster

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Hot Lava Monster just finished recording a 4-song demo with producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash). The band has opened shows for Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Cracker and Seven Mary Three.


Look, don’t let Hot Lava Monster fool you: Being in a rock band is totally easy.
All you need is a singer with an absolutely perfect rock ‘n’ roll voice, as much Jeff Buckley grace as it is Robert Plant swagger. Then, match him with a guitar player who’s the embodiment of pure, molten rock, capable of everything from searing leads to subtle jazz phrasings. Next, add a rhythm section that plays with the power of sledgehammers with the precision of infinite decimals. After that, the riffs will flow like water, encompassing everything from vintage British hard rock to modern American grunge.
OK, maybe we lied. Maybe being in a band that rocks as hard as Hot Lava Monster — easily as close as this town’s ever going to get to Led Zeppelin — isn’t easy. But the Columbia, S.C. quartet certainly makes it look easy.

Co-founded by dynamic frontman Patrick Baxley and crackerjack guitarist Michael Schaming and filled
out by the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Wes Pellerin and drummer Andy Dumiak, Hot Lava Monster has been scorching Southeastern ears for nigh on a decade, and the band’s volcanic rock has won it laud from Billboard magazine and such prestigious musical congresses as the Atlantis Music Conference.
But Hot Lava Monster’s success certainly hasn’t come overnight. Indeed, no band lands primo opening slots for the likes of Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Cracker and Seven Mary Three without putting in a little blood, sweat and tears. And no band gets to record with such respected producers as John Briglevich and Sylvia Massy without having a keen drive and energy. And that protestant work ethic is something the band is known for.
That, and one killer live show.
“That’s what we do best,” says Dumiak. “Rock the fuck out and melt faces.”
It’s that reputation that caught the eye of Billboard magazine — the national music trade magazine
featured the band as part of its Billboard Underground online video series in the summer of 2007.
“And then we proceeded to play an acoustic set,” Baxley laughs. “But it was huge for us to be on such a huge web site and get that exposure.”
Veterans of the Atlantis Music Conference, the premier showcase for unsigned talent in the Southeast, the band was selected as a showcase artist at the 2008 conference and was included on the official artist compilation.
“We were the only band that didn’t play along with some sort of backing track,” Schaming says.
“We were the only band that sounded like the instruments we were playing,” Baxley adds with a laugh.
Hot Lava Monster’s also enjoyed success outside of the Southeast. Copies of the band’s 2007 full-length, The Belly of a Whale, recorded with John Briglevich (Sevendust, Goo Goo Dolls) at Atlanta’s Sonica Studios, were distributed to radio stations across the United States to great success, particularly in Amarillo, Texas, where it charted over records by U2, Green Day, Cake and more.
“It was cool seeing my favorite bands on these top thirty lists,” Baxley says. “And then we were above
these bands.”

Indeed, since the release of Belly of a Whale in 2007, Hot Lava Monster has been one of the fastest rising bands in the Southeast. And the band notched another notable accomplishment in the summer of
2009, when it spent 10 days at RadioStar Studios with noted engineer and producer Sylvia Massy.
“It was like rock ‘n’ roll summer camp,” Schaming says of the experience in Weed, Calif.
Massy’s best known for her work with Tool; she engineered and produced the band’s seminal debut
Undertow. She’s also worked on Grammy-winning records with Rick Rubin (she engineered Johnny
Cash’s Unchained), and she’s worked with rock ‘n’ roll heavyweights System of a Down, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Slayer.
Perhaps most impressively, Massy personally responded to the band’s initial request to work with
her. In less than a couple of hours Massy was asking Hot Lava Monster to come out to Weed to record.
“I was surprised how quickly she got back to us,” Schaming says. “She said, ‘Yeah, I want to work with
you guys. Let’s make this happen.’”
“We basically told her we wanted to get more of a live sound,” Schaming says. “We said, let’s focus on strengths — and that’s cranking it up and rocking with a lot of energy.”
“And she definitely captured that for us,” Dumiak adds. Indeed, most tracks were captured in one or two takes.
“I was a little uneasy,” Baxley admits. “As someone who likes to get things perfect on record, I kind of felt like, ‘Well, are you sure you don’t want another vocal take?”
“I think it’s the best thing Hot Lava Monster’s ever done, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Dumiak adds. “We’ve tapped into something that all four of us are excited about.”


"Hot Lava Monster Live" - 2009
Atlantis Music Conference Sampler-2008
"The Belly of a Whale" 2007
Atlantis Music Conference Sampler-2005
"The Way of the Dinosaur" 2004, EP
Atlantis Music Conference Sampler- 2003
"firstbreathofwater" 2001

• Selected as a showcasing artist at Atlantis Music Conference 2008. Also appeared on the official artist compilation.

• Selected by Billboard Magazine to be featured on their website's Billboard Underground video series. The piece was filmed in Billboard's offices in New York in the summer of 2007.

• The Belly of a Whale was #2 Most Sold at Manifest Discs (Columbia, SC) the week it was released. It moved to #3 in the second week.

• “Blister,” the band’s first single, received an abundance of airplay across the country. It was also added to rotation on WARQ 93.5 in Columbia, SC.

• “Blister” was featured in the Top Five at Five on WARQ 93.5 during the first week of March.

• The Belly of a Whale was selected to be added to PumpAudio's, HumanFactor's and Audiosocket's library of potentially licensed material.

WARQ - Columbia, SC
WAVF - Charleston, SC
WKZQ - Myrtle Beach, SC
WUSC - Columbia, SC
KACV - Amarillo, TX
KSWI - Atlantic, IA
WQXA - York, PA
WKGB - Binghamton, NY
KTCL - Denver, CO
and more!

Sony Connect
Music Net
Manifest Discs (Columbia, SC)
Sounds Familiar (Columbia, SC)
Monster Music (Charleston, SC)

"The Belly of a Whale" 2006, LP
Atlantis Music Conference Sampler-2005
"The Way of the Dinosaur" 2004, EP
Atlantis Music Conference Sampler- 2003
"firstbreathofwater" 2001, LP
Breakneck Punk Rock Comp- 2000,
Breakneck Punk Rock Comp #2, Uniting Them Asses- 2002
Sin in the City, A Columbia Rock Sampler- 2003
Free Times Colossal Music Crawl Comp- 2003
Step Out Of The Line Comp #1- 2003
The Jam Room Comp #2- 2002
The Jam Room Christmas Comp- 2001
The Jam Room Christmas Comp- 2003

Set List

Typical set time 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes

Hot Lava Monster mainly focuses on performing their original music.

However, they are not above ripping up a good cover song. Some of our favorites to play are:

D’yer Mak’r - Led Zeppelin
Rock n’ Roll - Led Zeppelin
Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin
The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
The End - The Doors
Break on Through - The Doors
I Put a Spell on You - Screaming Jay Hawkins
Fortunate Son - CCR
Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CCR
What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes
All These Things That I Have Done - The Killers
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - JET
Back in the USSR - The Beatles
If You Want Blood - AC/DC
Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Time is Running Out - Muse