Hot Letter

Hot Letter

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Drawing from an intense understanding and appreciation of classic influences, Hot Letter uses their raw rock sensibilities and attitude to create an energetic, highly entertaining, and sexy live show full of catchy originals and hit covers.


The first incarnation of Hot Letter goes back to 2006 when singer Giuliano, guitarist Matt, and drummer Michael formed a band in high school. Since then the writing, recording, and performing has never stopped. Since attending Berklee College of Music, the group enlisted bass player John and adopted it's current name. The guys influences vary from one to the other, however the common bond has always been a love for classic rock and roll.

Giuliano is an expressive frontman, with an energy influenced by the likes of Springsteen, Jagger, and Mercury. Lead guitarist Matt fluently speaks the language of the electric guitar. Schooled in the styles of Hendrix and Zeppelin, Matt brings a funky edge to the groups sound with his affinity for California rock. John on bass and Michael on drums form the group's rhythm section and supply Hot Letter with well arranged, tight grooves.

Hot Letter brings an honesty and conviction to their original music. A well rounded outfit, they can turn out emotive slow jams, fast and hard heavy rockers, and anthemic sing along choruses. No matter what your favorite flavor of rock and roll, we think you're going to love the taste of Hot Letter.


2012: The City (Full Length Album)
2012: My Soul Ain't Coming Back (Music Video)
2013: The Child Inside (Single)