Liverpool, England, GBR

Post Rock/Math Pop. Call it what you will. We just write songs with two guitars, bass, vocals and drums. So many drums. Tropical beats, complex guitar melodies, raucous gang vocals and the odd time signature change alongside pop hooks that'll be stuck in your head for the next year.


Formed in late 2010, Hot//Light//Fiesta have achieved a lot in their first year. From establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with on an overcrowded Liverpool Music Scene, to making waves further a-field from London to Manchester and Sheffield to Dorset, they've shown that student aren't always work-shy, especially when it comes to making music. Drawing on an extensive list of influences, Brothers Neale and Carl, alongside Chris, Tim and Aled, set out to write songs that were interesting and complex in places yet maintaining a strong pop aesthetic. Carl's percussion and electric kit sets the band apart from other bands in Liverpool, adding a Latin element to the band as the two drum kits weave in and out of each other.

In June the band won a national competition to play at Beach Break Live in Wales after receiving a staggering 7,000 votes, demonstrating a rapidly growing fan-base. All this without even releasing an EP. Their self-titled debut was digitally released on 01.07.2011 and immediately the band received support and airplay from BBC 6Music's Tom Robinson. The EP launch also marked the start of a remix competition which ended at the end of August 2011 with some stunning results. The remix EP is due to be released sometime in October 2011.

What other people have said...

'Angular and mathy guitars with pop sensibilities ' MEAN FIDDLER

'they craft their own sonic vocabulary, riddled with elements from all of rock's pseudonyms.' BIDO LITO!


All Our Fathers

Written By: Chadwick/Davies

I told you that i'd be straight home
I said if i'd of only known
I would've been there at the time
I said you should have told me first
If i was to expect the worst
So i could plan my nights

Testing times and our family ties and stretched and then strengthened. Though you smile i know our goodbyes are best not to mention.

Oh my father you have been the hero of the hour. Oh my mother i have been a failure of a son. Lean in brother, you have lived to watch me come undone. Because the truth that's seldom sung is that youth is wasted on the young.

Rising tides forming in your eyes are fought back in their tracks. You deny to confide in us, like its a sign of weakness, teaching us to all be better men.

And if you like running in circles then i guess this town is the perfect place to live.


We Tried (Single) February 2011
Hot//Light//Fiesta (EP) July 2011

Set List

Many Hands Make Light Work
We Tried
Bright Stars Burn Out Fastest
All Our Fathers