Hot Loins

Hot Loins


Punk deconstructionist. Structured chaos. Taking lessons from seminal post-punk bands such as This Heat and The Pop Group while combining it with the playful structures of contemporaries Deerhoof and The Mae Shi.


The beginnings could not be more generic: Three friends with an affinity for loud, strange music wanted to start a band. It wasn't really that easy, though. Sean didn't have a synth and Cameron had recently had his guitar stolen. Teaming up with David Rogers (guitarist of Raking Bombs/Basketball) on drums, Hot Loins started writing on a second hand Hammond Organ. Their early sound was more reminiscent of Antioch Arrow, The Screamers or locals, Channels 3+4. Determined to make an impression on the local music community, with little to no contacts or friends in the scene, Cameron and Sean decided to book their first few shows. The results were as hoped. They quickly made friends with musicians and bands that they were fans of and respected, such as Channels 3+4, The Doers, PRIMES, Daddys Hands, and They Shoot Horse, Don't They?. They created a buzz for themselves as promoters and a band, and by their fifth show were asked to open for Olympia's Xiu Xiu. Ten shows later they had played with Dance Disaster Movement, Kill Me Tomorrow, Hella, John Wilkes Booze, The Time Flys, The Advantage, The Mae Shi, and did a small tour of Vancouver Island with They Shoot Horses. Over that course of time, Cameron had bought a new guitar, Sean bought a vintage synth and their sound had developed into something more similar to what it is today: a balancing act, teetering between a dissonant flow of post-punk and chaotic noise.

"Vancouver's own deconstructionalists."

- Chrisariffic of They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, interviewed in Chartattack

"These guys have an A.D.D style reminiscent of a slowed down Blood Brothers...These guys toss aside sing along melodies for a kind of frantic, keyboard friendly wailing."

- Tony Newton of Nerve Magazine, review of Advantage/You Say Party! We Say Die show

"Stop/start herky-jerky beep beep...Muddy Korg fights the mage Telecaster, Drum is the referee. We all win."

- Sean Orr on

"[Hot Loins] know how to write a catchy dance-floor track"

-Vice Guide to Vancouver


July 06 - Two song 7" on The Broadway to Boundary
August 06 - One song split Lathe Cut record on Deer and Bird
Sept 06 - Full Length CD on Sound Document