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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
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"BEWARE’s Block: You Can’t Say We Don’t Deserve It"

Don P – “Magnificent (Where They At?)”

Not even a minute into Don P’s “Magnificent” new single and you can hear the soul shining out full force. This combination of Donnie Houston and Hot Peez finds the two H-Town representers teaming to produce enlightening mood music to help iron out any kinks in the armor of both themselves and those listening. Loud and clear, over here. - The Smoking Section


Houston-based emcee Hot Peez joined forces with producer Donnie Houston for their first official DON P release, “Magnificent.” With production coming solely from Donnie Houston and Hot Peez on the verses, “Magnificent” is the first single from the duo’s upcoming project, Lagniappe that will dropping Summer 2016. - HipHop Weekly

"Don P (Donnie Houston & Hot Peez) – “Magnificent” [@imdonniehouston @hotpeez]"

Here’s the curious case of Donnie Houston & Hot Peez’ new Don P outfit. Both of them have worked together previously for “Holdin It Down”, a cut from Hot Peez’ White Hall album. Peez is vastly underrated. Donnie Houston has been as underrated just as long as we’ve been writing on this particular slice of the Internet. Together, the two of them make Houston & New Orleans work for “Magnificent”, a bounce filled record that I originally heard in an airport by pure happenstance. Peez rides back to the ’90s, where Hilfiger and falling in love with p-poppers were the norm in New Orleans while Houston adds cuts to give it a signature feel.Lagniappe, a term for “something given as a bonus or extra gift” is also the same title of Don P’s upcoming summer collab album. Hear “Magnificent” from Hot Peez & Donnie Houston below. - Day & A Dream

"BeatKing Masters His Structure on 'Club God 5'"

Don P, “Magnificent”
Don P, the collective duo of producer Donnie Houston and New Orleans rapper and underrated favorite Hot Peez, came together for one sole purpose: to make dope music with the influences both men were raised on. Peez’s White Hall tape was funky, somber and more than reflective in regards to adulthood. “Magnificent” is sort of like adulthood in New Orleans, only it marries cuts of famous NOLA Q&A raiser “where they at” with triumphant horns, slithery vocals from Peez and him falling in love with the wrong one. - Houston Press

"BEWARE’s Block: The New Breed"

With such small attention spans and busy schedules, we tend to take things for granted. On Hot Peez’s new video for “Cherish,” the soulful New Orleans rapper shakes off his cobwebs and decides to dedicate himself to the things that matter most – family, friends and relative success. The warming clip comes in celebration for the one year anniversary of HP’s White Hall project, which you can download here. - The Smoking Section

"Home is Where the Heart is in Hot Peez’s “Cherish” Visuals"

Hard to believe, but a full year has passed since Hot Peez released his White Hall LP. The album, which effectively bridged the identities of the emcee as Louisiana-bred but Texas-residing, was easily one of the more refreshing releases of 2015. In honor of White Hall‘s “birthday” of sorts, Peez premiered a set of visuals for the fan-favorite cut off the project, “Cherish,” earlier this week.

“Cherish” was the first single from White Hall; so it’s somewhat ironic that it’ll be the last song from the album to get a music video. But Peez insisted he wanted to do “something special” with “Cherish,” especially since his belated grandfather Leroy Paul had a part in the song’s creation (the visuals themselves are dedicated to Peez’s “Paw Paw”).

That’s why “Cherish’s” video serves a dual purpose. It carries over the story from Peez’s last video, “Be With You,” by depicting the emcee reunited with his woman and spending time with (presumably) their little girl, though Peez leaves it up to the viewer to determine whose kid it is. But more importantly, with KOJO Films behind the lens directing and shooting Peez in his hometown of New Orleans, “Cherish” pays tribute to family – something the artist clearly holds dear – and reminds us to appreciate the time we have with them, while we have it.

Hot Peez’s White Hall album is out now. - Day & A Dream

"Hot Peez Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of ‘White Hall’ with “Cherish” Visual"

It’s been a year since Hot Peez released his album White Hall, which was subsequently labeled ‘one of the most underrated rap albums of 2015′ by the Houston Press, and in celebratory praise, Peez heads to hishometown of New Orleans to shoot a video for “Cherish.” Video directed by Kojo Films.

“The video is likely to be the last for my White Hall project so I wanted to do something special.” – Hot Peez -


Houston resident and New Orleans native Hot Peez returns with the official video for his standout record, “Cherish”. The record is featured on his well-received album “White Hall”, and today marks the 1st anniversary of its release. Hot Peez always delivers quality material, and this one’s no different, as flows effortlessly and showcases some dope punchlines. Check it out below. - She Bloggin


Houston’s Hot Peez hits us today with something we should all do yet we don’t. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about the value people and moments hold for us. Peez is telling us on his new single that we should stop and take time to cherish the things we have along with the relationships because at the end of the day, you’re nobody without the people around you. This is from his White Hall project to celebrate the one year anniversary. Shot in his hometown of New Orleans, hit play below on the Kojo Films directed video. - Joe Hova's Mindframe

"About Friday Night: Hot Peez’s ‘White Hall’ Live in Concert [@HotPeez #WhiteHallUnplugged]"

On Friday night, in a low-key venue off downtown, Bourbon Street held court in Houston.

New Orleans-raised and Houston-residing emcee Hot Peez hosted his “White Hall: Unplugged” concert on November 6th at EastDown Warehouse, a half-bar/half-concert venue tucked on the corner of Nance Street. EastDown isn’t the kind of place that stands out. In fact, were it not for the lights, the “White Hall” posters plastered everywhere, and the cars parked in its small lot and on the adjacent streets, EastDown Warehouse might have been overlooked. It’s crazy to imagine that such a modest spot would bear so much magic.

And yet, magic DID happen.

EastDown retained a modest crowd until about 9:45 or so, with GoDJ CrowdPleaseHer and DJ 4 OZ keeping the gathering audience moving along with tunes prior to. Lots of familiar local faces came out to support Hot Peez, as well. TheCore94! was in the building, as were OneHunnidt, Broderick B, and more. At about 10 PM, local comedian Shabaz “Playtime” Ward finally grabbed the mic, welcomed all visitors, and began introducing the opening acts.

Yung Serg kicked things off, enlivening the growing crowd with his set. He was followed by rapper-producer George Young, who revisited his lauded Ventage EP from last year and proceeded to perform some of its most notable cuts – including the unofficial Houston Texans anthem “City Under Siege” – while adorned in an Astros jersey. Young even brought Reginald Ghonson and KAB Tha Don onstage to join him; if “Simple” off Ventage is just a taste of what Young and KAB can do when united, seeing the two-headed monster live took the energy to a whole new level.

Big Fatts was the next onstage, the rapper utilizing his token humor throughout his set and cracking jokes between songs. Fatts went back to his Snackin’ 4 Beats mixtape, reviving his “Pound Cake” freestyle and rapping like a man possessed when he performed his “Devil is A Lie (Freestyle).” Then, certified feature killer Rob Gullatte – who could be seen lurking in the crowd earlier – found himself sitting onstage towards the end of Fatts’ set. Though it looked, initially, like Gullatte was just there to ad-lib, Fatts soon launched into “Know No Good” and Gullatte hopped up and demolished his feature without losing a breath.

Whiski Asadi and the Syrup Gang wrapped up the opening acts. The latter was more the recognizable of the two, with the self-anointed “Gang” proudly representing in black tees bearing “$YRUP GANG” emblazoned in gold lettering across the front. The acts enlivened what was then starting to be a slightly restless crowd. Asadi – who appears on White Hall by way of “No Cowards” – was just as energetic, as well. For those in attendance who had been unfamiliar with either prior to entering EastDown Warehouse (aka me), rest assured that Friday night, both Whiski and the Syrup Gang acquired their attention and gained a ton of new fans.

After an intermission of sorts, the live band began setting up shop and Peez – who had spent the early part of the night posted up against the wall and greeting attendees – bumrushed the stage as the band launched into “Loophole.” White Hall, as a project, is a mix of trunk thumpers and softer fare. The drawing factor for many in the crowd was simply wondering how adding live instrumentation might change the album as a whole.

Peez is definitely a product of his environment. His band singlehandedly gave every single one of the album’s twelve tracks a sort of Louisiana flavor that could only be experienced live. It FELT like being on Bourbon Street. “Go Get Her,” which sounds like country rap on the album, turned into a zydeco groove with a live band. “Holding It Down” got a new life by way of Peez’s drummer, and the crowd got into it with a quickness. “Cherish” was damn near bounce music.

The energy simply never fell from the moment Peez came onstage. He performed with a sense of urgency and, yet, seemed to enjoy himself that the crowd couldn’t help but enjoy themselves as well. He invited Porsche Nine onstage for “Be Great” and the two didn’t just rap and play off of each other; they two-stepped the whole time.

Hot Peez also had Simone Skye on hand as his female vocalist. Prior to Friday night, I had been largely unfamiliar with singer-songwriter Skye, who’s quietly built a following as much for rapping as she has for her singing. It was Skye’s vocals, her adding melody in the background of “I Been Known,” for example, and taking the place of Ashlyn on “Think About Us,” that made White Hall’s more emotional sounds, cut even deeper. She turned “Be With You” into an even more of a rip-your-heart-out single, and Skye will almost certainly see her fanbase grow as a result of “White Hall: Unplugged.”

But the biggest takeaway from “White Hall: Unplugged” may not even be the music (though, Hot Peez should give SERIOUS consideration to re-releasing White Hall as an “in concert” LP), but the artist himself. For someone whose raps can be quite braggadocios, Peez is extremely humble. He literally thanked the crowd no fewer than seven times over the course of his set, and insisted that he was blessed by the support. Though not altogether uncommon, it was refreshing to hear Hot Peez make his audience feel important just for being there. Peez should pat himself on the back, for drawing such an exceptional crowd in spite of potential weather concerns.

Yes, for one night, Bourbon Street was recreated in Houston, Texas. And “White Hall: Unplugged” was nothing short of pure gold. - Day & A Dream


Anyone that missed the opportunity to see Hot Peez live unplugged concert, will probably feel the same way I felt when watching this recap. Basically, like crap. Performing every track with a live band, Peez brought the city of Houston out for this special performance. Hot P. was complimented by CJ & THe Crew for the live band and vocalist Simone Skye. If you haven’t already, check out White Hall HERE. - Artistic Nobodies

"SheBloggin’s Top 10 Artists To Watch in 2016"

He should’ve been on this list last year, but I’m forgetful. New Orleans native, Houston resident Hot Peez is a rappin’ ass nigga. He can ride any beat effortlessly, and paired with that gorgeous New Orleans accent he’s gold. He’s completely set himself apart from the stereotypical rappers around there and created his own sound. His lyricism is strong and his content is a great addition to the underground game. He’s just got it; he knows how to make a hit record and genuinely create good music. - She Bloggin

"Video: Hot Peez – Go Get Her"

Hailing from New Orleans, Hot Peez arrives to our pages to first time with a visual for the stand out track from his project, White Hall. The visual. “Go Get Her,” takes us on relaxed day with a beautiful model in a hotel room for a getaway. Watch above. - The Loud Lifestyle

"The Most Underrated Houston Rap Projects of 2015 So Far"

Hot Peez, White Hall
There’s an undercurrent of Houston rappers who either were born in New Orleans, have moved to New Orleans to do music, or are somewhere in between. Hot Peez, much like C.I.T.Y. and Retro Kash before him, still bares New Orleans in his accent, his mannerisms and grin. Unlike C.I.T.Y., he doesn’t brandish political rhymes at almost every turn; unlike Retro Kash, he doesn’t puff his chest out by climbing on top of proverbial mountains to stunt with a West Coast-like drawl. Hot Peez is an everyman, someone who, thanks to Re'Al, could slide on top of the Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” for his lead single "Cherish" and coast to tell stories from outside his window.

When Peez dropped White Hall in February, he held a listening party to celebrate not only his migration from being a New Orleans rapper attempting to gain acceptance in Houston, he was literally relieved that the project was out. He finds plenty of sides to display on the 12-track LP: Trakksounds turns in an imperial synth march for “I Been Known,” Peez twists up Kem’s “I Can’t Stop Loving You” for “Think About Us,” looking back at his New Orleans roots in a Dickie unit and Nikes. It’s active, jumping from high perches and swooping down when it wants to be introspective and flex its songwriting strengths. White Hall is Hot Peez celebrating and chasing his pains away all at once, wanting to be loved and isolated at different sections of the day. - Houston Press

"The nextUP Playlist (Vol. 1)"

Welcome to the first installment of The nextUp Playlist on This is where we present a first look at up & coming artists and producers who are on their way to making history with their creative styles. Be the first to experience their craft as we reveal exclusive samples of their material. Every quarter you will be blessed with these curators who never cease to amaze. Their talents will be presented via playlists to easily bless you with their unique styles.

These artists need no validation of their adeptness and proficiency and you'll see why their talents have gotten them this far and why you should keep them on your radar.

Experience the sounds of a new era that connects perfectly with the ever-evolving genres of music. We now present those who are nextUP, for your listening pleasure. Unveiling the reasons why they have earned their spot. Listen to the playlist below and flip through the pages to find out where to find them online! -

"Hot Peez – “Be With You”"

Hot Peez has frequented the site over the past year with creative concepts in his music and cool art. Now he returns with a new video that brings thing full circle to his relationship. Things aren’t always the way they seem as Hot Peez tackles real life relationship issues in his latest visual for “Be With You” off of his February 2015 released “White Hall” album. Shot by 1025 Films. -

"Video: Hot Peez – “Be With You” [@hotpeez #whitehall]"

Every time I think Hot Peez is ready to have a happy moment, something deters all of it. The New Orleans to Houston rapper already has a solid project in White Hall but visually, every tale is starting to get more and more cinematic, almost making him out to be the tragic hero in all of this. “Be With You” snatches the joy of enjoying a brand new apartment with your lady and turns it into something else.

Remember Ginuwine’s “There It Is” video where he was getting ready for a tour via sexy dance moves? Hot Peez goes through something similar, but he’s definitely not the dancing with baby oil all over him type. Nope, he just scribbles his name on CDs with his music, shares them with newfound fans and believers all while home won’t ever truly be home for him. No matter how many mimosas and grapes and strawberries he’s been given. Watch the “Be With You” video from Hot Peez below and grab White Hall on iTunes. - Day & A Dream

"Watch Hot Peez’s New Visual For “Be With You”"

Things aren’t always the way they seem as Hot Peez tackles real life relationship issues in his latest visual for “Be With You” off of his February 2015 released “White Hall” album. Shot by 1025 Films. Check out the video above. - The Source

"Video: Hot Peez – Be With You @HotPeez"

New Orleans native Hot Peez returns with a new visual for his single “Be With You”. As I always say everytime I post new content from him…he’s one to keep an eye on. I’m hoping he makes a lot of noise this year. -

"Louisiana’s Hot Peez Drops His “I Been Known” Video"

Hot Peez is on a hot streak since releasing his anticipated street album White Hall last month. The Louisiana MC continues his run with a visual of the snare heavy, Trakksounds produced “I Been Known”, that lets Hot Peez show he’s a man of a code, one that suits him whenever he needs it to. - The Source

"[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hot Peez “I Been Known”"

Hot Peez is back and this time with a cinematic feel for the Trakksounds produced “I Been Known”.

Download “White Hall” on iTunes today! - HipHop Weekly

"Watch Hot Peez’ “I Been Known” Video [@hotpeez]"

There’s a bit of a theme with Trakksounds productions that lead to moments of chest thump and isolation. Take Hot Peez’ “I Been Known” video for example. Looking more like a modern day Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli, the New Orleans to Houston rapper kicks up dust behind black shades and suede Timbs for his White Hall track. Watch the video below. “I Been Known” can be found on Peez’ recently released White Hall project, available now on iTunes. - Day & A Dream

"FRESH HEAT – Hot Peez – “White Hall”"

There’s already a bit of buzz going in about Hot Peez’ White Hall album after “Cherish,” got everyone’s attention. The blend of New Orleans home cooking along with spaced out production from the likes of Donnie Houston, Trakksounds, Re’Al & others show out here. White Hall isn’t a complete one man effort as Peez gets guest verses from Bigg Fatts & SOTA. You can buy White Hall on iTunes now and hear the LP for yourself via Soundcloud. -

"Hot Peez – White Hall (Album Stream) @HotPeez"

SheBloggin favorite, New Orleans native Hot Peez releases his new project, “White Hall”. The 12-track project comes with a few guest features and dope production, but none of that outshined Peez’s delivery and lyrics. I’ve been following him for a few years now, and he has truly grown. His sound is totally polished. He’s ready. Give it a listen below. -

"Download Hot Peez ‘s “White Hall”"

Houston rapper (via Louisiana) Hot Peez has released his latest project White Hall. I’ve been anticipating this project since I heard his single “Holdin It Down” produced by the awesome Donnie Houston. I definitely am not surprised at how laudable White Hall is. This is a project that I have been able to listen to from beginning to end without having to skip one song. There’s not one song that was a hard listen. A few of my favorites are the title track “White Hall”, “Holdin It Down” (my favorite), “Be Great” ft. Porsche Nine, and “No Cowards.” The authenticity of this project is why this is going to stay one of my favorites for a long time.
So, go ahead and download White Hall on iTunes right now! You won’t be disappointed. -

"FRESH HEAT – Hot Peez – Cherish (prod By Re’Al)"

This record “Cherish” combines the streets and the emotions of getting caught up in dealing with the regular troubles of life while growing up in a less fortunate place. Def worth a play and we’re the first ones to post it. Watch it spread, this kid is dope.

Says Hot Peez,”the closest most influential man in my life was my grandfather. He taught me how to carry myself as a man, how to treat people and he always encouraged my love for music. Most of 2014 while he was fighting cancer I was writing this album.”

This track has a nice feel. Hit play, sit back and enjoy. Hot Peez let’s the good times roll in his latest offering from his forthcoming album: “White Hall” available February 23rd, 2015 on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Music, Spotify & DatPiff. -

"New Houston Rap- The Single Life: Doeman Elevates; Lyric Michelle Gets Personal"

Like C.I.T.Y. before him, Hot Peez is another New Orleans artist who migrated to Houston to stay. He's also using his White Hall tape as a bit of personal confession, and other little notes about family members. On "Cherish," he offers a bit of pride and knowledge passed down from his grandfather and his mother's own omen to him. She wanted great for her son, Peez wants great for himself. Bonus points for this being a NOLA-style flip of The Carpenters' sleepy classic "We've Only Just Begun." - Houston Press

"Hot Peez -“I Been Known” (prod by Trakksounds)"

Hot Peez already has one notable release under his belt with 8585 mixtape coming last December and now the Louisiana rapper is already set on making more noise with his White Hall tape due next year. If you listen closely there's a clear B.o.B. influence – at the very least fans of B.o.B. will be big fans of this song. -

"Hot Peez – “I Been Known” (prod. Trakksounds)"

Hot Peez already has one notable release under his belt with 8585 mixtape coming last December and now the Louisiana rapper is already set on making more noise with his White Hall tape due next year. The latest release to at least get the ball rolling is “I Been Known,” a snare heavy resume listing track from Trakksounds that lets Hot Peez show he’s a man of a code, one that suits him whenever he needs it to.

“I been known to disrespect a thot/I been known to give it all I got,” he spits on the bubbling track’s chorus. It’s standard block building radio affair for the New Orleans rapper and you can stream the track below in full. - Day & A Dream

"Holdin' It Down"

The summer is usually rich with instrumentals that bubble, dripping with soul or loud, chest thumping drums and flavor. Donnie Houston’s board work has found middle ground within those realms but his production on Hot Peez’s “Holdin’ It Down” is soul sample rich with little importance given to the programmed drums. It’s like a lite version of “Through The Wire” meets “Throw Some D’s”.

Peez, the Louisianan with a pinch of bravado in all of his raps trips down 288 with a little bit of loyalty to those who’ve stuck by from the ground up. He’s not capable of being subpar on wax, just capable and compelling with a neat drawl. Stream the track below. - Day & A Dream

"Hot Peez - "DiBiase""

A lot of good music often misses the ears of their intended audience. The reasons often vary. I was suppose to review this full project last month. I’ve been riding and listening to “8585” since it dropped early December, but I haven’t found the words to explain why it’s so slept on. With one listed feature and no blatant cosigns, one is to wonder if that’s the only way to get people to notice your craft?

Today, the New Orleans to Houston rapper Hot Peez released his video for Track 12 from “8585.” In my opinion, it’s one of his most seasoned projects to date with it’s lyrical content and solid production (which includes both, Johnny Juliano and Sledgren). As one of my favorite tracks, this song makes me feel like PayDay. When your bills are paid and everything is going right. “That’s that DiBiase!” - Greedmont Park

"Hot Peez- Come & Dine"

After the recent release of 8585, Hot Peez releases his newest single, “Come and Dine.” Teaming up with LexiBanksBeats on some Bollywood-inspired production, the Houston spitter puts his hometown slang ‘come dine’ on the map. -

"Donnie Houston & Hot Peez Make A “Magnificent” Duo! [LISTEN]"

I became a fan of Donnie Houston after jamming Propain’s music and hearing Donnie’s tag in the background. Originally, I thought the sound bite was saying “Down In Houston” Lol. Don’t judge me. Donnie Houston recently joined forces with Hot Peez and formed the duo Don P. Their new song “Magnificent (Where They At?) could possibly be one of this summers dopest anthems. Listen and then let me know what you think. - 97.9 The Box


Still working on that hot first release.



Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hot Peez has always had a love for music. Whether blaring Michael Jackson cassettes or rapping RUN DMC lyrics during walks in Louis Armstrong Park with his grandfather, Hot Peez has always displayed an interest in music. At the age of 18, Hot Peez hooked up with New Orleans hip-hop artists Young Mond and GEDY M to form the hip-hop trio “The GBA” (GBoyzArmy) under the independent label Black Ink Records. Together the group flooded the streets with numerous street mixtapes, ultimately leading up to the 2006 release of Gunz, Girlz, & Game. Shortly after the success of this group effort the members began to work on their respective solo projects.

New Orleans’ influence on hip-hop has been evident for quite some time. Legendary artists from the "City" like Juvenile, Master P, Mystikal, and Lil Wayne have left quite an imprint on the game. Infuse the classic sound of Houston rap artist like DJ Screw, Fat Pat and Lil Keke, to name a few, with New Orleans’ swagger and you get "HP".

Hot Peez released his first original solo project entitled "8585" in December of 2013. A solid project from top to bottom whose releases featured blog placements on Jack Thriller, Hip Hop Since 1987, & to name a few.

HP followed the momentum of "8585" with his next full length project: "White Hall", a heavily lauded project that grabbed the attention of fans and critics alike.

In an effort to pay homage to artists from the past, Peez's goal is to bring quality music to the industry without compromising his artistic integrity.

Band Members