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Kinda like Otis Redding fronting Cream at the Acid Tests.


Hot Potato - 'Stop The Wheel From Spinning'
Steamy new rock from Brooklyn's sweetest power trio.

Hot Potato have spent a year honing their particular brand of explosive rock for their debut release 'Stop The Wheel From Spinning', and that's exactly what the record does. The 10 song offering forces mortal humans to take a break and remember what's important in a life that moves too fast: girls, dancing and rocking. Front man and songwriter Dom Dorman (Guitars, Vocals, Synths) has crafted a devious masterpiece that sucks you in with the hooks of a major label rocker, featuring provocative tales of pressure, longing and romantic loss. The lyrics Dorman delivers like a martini-slinging ninja reveal true affection, unrequited love and boasts of intense musical prowess, all the while avoiding the brooding and pretentiousness to which so many indie acts have succumbed.

Dom Dorman says, "I wanted to let this really pour out of me, and I feel the result is honest and entertaining, without being too self-indulgent. It's a rock record, it's not rocket science. I thought about what early rock music was about: chicks and dancing and heartbreak. That's what we're doing".

With obvious nods to early R&B, 70's & 80's classic rock, and late 90's alternative such as Cake and Soul Coughing, Hot Potato keeps it simple with a solid rhythm section. Orlando Torres (Bass, Vocals) and John LoMonaco (Drums) emulate dynamic duos such as Bruce and Baker (Cream) with the big bottom necessary to support the explosive and sometimes out-of-control guitar work of Dorman, while he and Torres' vocal harmonies provide a smooth frosting to the sweet treats underneath.

With a show-stealing live set that's become impossible to follow, and an ample NYC following, Hot Potato plans some regional touring to support the release of the record, now available on iTunes, CDBaby, and through MySpace.


Stop The Wheel From Spinning - Full Length Dec. 2007

Set List

The Thief
Come On, Von Ronne
Cold & Hot
Coffee Girl
Simmer Down
All I Got
Only In My Mind
Cover: Sunshine of Your Love