Formed under duress and expedited into fruition, 3 notorious underground beasts emerged to form the one and only HOT QUANG! Still searching for our niche and having fun doing it.


HOT QUANG! is just that. HOT QUANG! We don't fancy ourselves into playing one sound or particular style. Songs are written organically as they come.
Our sound has been described by others as sounding like anything from Dinosaur Jr., to Swervedriver, to Jawbox, to Queens Of The Stone Age. We think each song is it's own entity that doesn't need to fit into the one before it or after it.
Formed in April 2012.

Members previous bands-
John Martin Sparkman- Quarry To The War, Systems Of Edges, Ethan Swing, Buttcracker, Love Drip Swan.

Mikey Lochen- EveThing, Don't Tell Sara

Aaron Ochsner- Shifty, The History Of, Beautiful Awkward Moment, The Jazz Pill.


Ghost-Released August 13th 2012
Recorded by Rob Majchrowski @ Two States Audio Chicago

Two States ||Audiophonic;Sampler||
Released August 17th 2012

Set List

30-45 minutes.