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Slaves of Spanky

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Slaves of Spanky - Progressing well toward world domination"

Slaves of Spanky - El Mocambo (upstaris) March 4th, 2004

"Five dudes that define where Fubar intersects with 'Check The O.R."'

Oral And Visual Communication

Slaves Of Spanky fired off one hit after another. Their set was comparable to hip-hop cougars Stinkmitt (but less Peaches and more Jackass) or old-school Beastie Boys.

Musical Analysis

A lot of people in the audience didn't know what to think and stood there bewildered. Others (myself included) were in stitches over how truly trailer park rock 'n' roll this was. I mean, if you have a guy wearing clamdigger jeans wailing, "I'd suck dick for cocaine," wouldn't you vote for them to be president? The spoofy raps get tiring after a while, but for a 20-minute set, it's sheer genius.

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest

Best attire ever. So obnoxious, it was brilliant.

For complete CMW report card, follow link to:
- Chartattack CMW Report Card / By: Jenny Yeun

"Excerpt from Kingston "Bandslam" Review"

..... “We don’t have songs, we just have hot-ass rap jams.” Slaves of Spanky’s made this abundantly clear as they kicked off the K-Rock Bandslam finals at A.J.’s Monday night. The Slaves took to the stage beneath a veil of darkness with a moderately funny intro stating that “long ago, the evil Emperor Celine Dion ruled the land and the power of the Slaves of Spanky was the only entity strong enough to compete with her tyranny.”

As the lights reappeared, the Slaves stood on stage, clad in costumes. Captain Footbags wore a blond wig and hat and emulating the great Flava Flav by sporting a pork chop dog toy on a chain around his neck. The unnamed second MC wore an orange hunting vest and a t-shirt of local metal gods I Hate Sally. Backed by an incredibly funky backing band consisting of a bassist, drummer and keyboardist, Slaves of Spanky maintained a nonchalant attitude throughout their set, as they busted their silly, yet tight rhymes. There was no inherent structure to the songs, rather, a conglomeration of freestyles and stage banter. References to crack, bling and every imaginable name for weed were in abundance.

It was quickly apparent the Slaves were more interested in having a good time than winning the contest. This was displayed by an excess of profanity, consistent trips into the audience to dance—as well as juggling their shoes. Halfway through their 45 minute set, the Slaves took a break to rant about the “space age” world we live in and lamented how everything is digital. They even had an open contest for the first person to call their cell phone, to win two foot-long subs from Subway.......

For full review : - Queens Journal: (Jordan Beneen)


Homegrown Heavy Hop (Debut Tape) 1997
Slaves of Spanky - (Self Titled) 1999
Necessary Voodoo Operations - 2001
You like It (EP) - 2003
You're a fake, the fight was a fake, go kill yourself (upcoming release) - Fall 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Slaves of Spanky are Kingston’s velcro shoe-wearing, shit-hot RAP jam superstars. MCs BJ King and Cap't Footbags wear fresh helmets and bust forth with lightnin' hot RAPS while the funk is brought by Suganutz (Rhodes, synth, Alphabet desk), Speedgrease (electric upright bass) and Fuzzy Hefner (drums/loops). The beats and grooves from the band keep the rumps shaking vigorously, but it's the MCs in the spotlight with a high-energy and goddamn hilarious performance that never ceases to be anything short of incomparably fun. Check out the pork-chop bling action and the rocking synchronized leg lifts in mid rap.

BJ and Footbags started the SOS Crew as two rappers and a drum machine in the small but sexy town of Tamworth, Ontario in 1996. Realizing that digital gadgets (especially watches and computers) were on the way out, SOS became a live band, bringing in a local jazz/funk trio (Walker, Perlin, Fuzzy) to supply the hot RAP rhythms. Now, it’s two MCs and a backing band of schooled funkateers fuelled on cheeseburgers and donuts, and Slaves of Spanky have become fresher than TV's McGyver at the peak of his short and lucrative career. DAMN.

Currently based in Kingston Ontario, Slaves of Spanky are RAPPIN' and crap-talking their way into the hearts of millions, filling clubs across Eastern Ontario and opening for such acts as Sum 41, Pocket Dwellers, Choclair, Sweatshop Union and Grand Buffet. SOS are currently recording their second full length album, due out in September 2005, and will be touring Canada in a hovercraft. Or Minivan.