hot rollers

hot rollers


In a word the Hot Rollers are: supergoodtimesfunsexyrocknrollclothingoptional


All-Girl Garage Rock--

Dripping with sweat & beers, the Hot Rollers are three sweet pieces of tough girly-infused, fuzzed out guitar assault, thundering bass and skin breaking beats.

Live, they are the perfect blend of loud guitar, gut-wrenching screams tempered by layers of sixties girl-group harmonies and go-go boots on dual trampolines.

Influences (Pandoras, Billy Childish, AC/DC, Mudhoney, Pixies, Dead Kennedys)


got your number
down and derby compilation

Set List

1. You Don't Do It
2. Black And Blue
3. Mileage
4. Hooker
5. Got Your Number
6. Casper Guido
7. Wild Man
8. Hello Vapid
9. You May Be Right
10. Ice Princess
11. Bad Word For A Good Thing
12. I Wanna Go Home
13. Wrap Your Heart