Hot Rooster

Hot Rooster


"Hot Rooster" loves motivating people to dance. They celebrate life with their contagious enthusiasm for piquing the primal beat within. These schooled musicians deliver a tight original high-energy homegrown organic roots rock.


"Hot Rooster" is a coalescence of brothers & childhood friends. After college, the 4 had circled the globe in the Peace Corps & other pursuits. They have now circled up to raise families. They live & work near one another in Hillsborough NC. The band formed one evening in October 2003 when Kevin's bass guitar finally arrived in a shipment from Venezuela. It was a musical reunion that rekindled old friendships and began new ones. Once reunited, their focus quickly evolved toward original homegrown rock and roll. "Hot Rooster's" musical identity grows with each new tune. Check 'em out!


Streaming: Try songs #7, #2, & #9.

CDs (2):

"Scratchin in the Yard"- (2004)

The band's first recording. 12 songs were recorded in 12 hours in Leland's auction house. The music has a raw, live feel to it. Different influences from each band member can be heard from song to song.

"Wake up Call"- (2006) Streaming at: Try songs #7, #2, & #9.

Recorded at Duck Kee studios during the summer of 2006 and mastered at Bluefield Mastering, this CD is clear and clean. Wake Up Call represents the evolution of a cohesive Hot Rooster sound.

Set List

"Hot Rooster" has an all-original set list of more than 50 songs.

Listen to examples: Try songs #7, #2, & #9.