Southfield, Michigan, USA

Real Instruments... Live Musicians... Great Songs... Exciting Stage Show... Captivating Energy... A DYNAMIC 8-Piece Band... We call it "real good, feel good music." The world calls it HotSauce.


The Goal
Breathe L.I.F.E. into every performance.

HotSauce began bringing Love, Inspiration, Freedom, & Entertainment to the stage ten years ago, and has been captivating and electrifying audiences of all ages ever since. The multi-talented band combines a fusion of jazz, gospel,
r & b, rock, and hip hop with a timeless delivery reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire but clearly set to a unique harmony of their own.

The Story
The group of four brothers and four friends all 30 and under are from the tempting and unforgiving streets of Detroit, MI and products of the challenged Detroit Public School System. But they are yet a diverse blend of personalities each as unique in style as they are in sound. Birthed as a result of their rough and tough city, their passion for music, which was the distraction from the hard streets of the inner city, is the essence of what makes HotSauce more than a band but a brotherhood.

Young guysreal instruments. It doesnt get much better than that.-The Fly Jock, Tom Joyner Tom Joyner Morning Show, Dallas, TX

There is no denying the bands powerful stage presence. Their energy, humility, and outright sincerity to presenting an exciting live performance have not only made them aesthetically stronger as a group, but they have touched, and changed the hearts of many of their fans and those who see them perform. Their charisma has earned them: Best R&B band in 2007 by the Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainers Association, 12 nominations for Outstanding Band and Outstanding performance by the Detroit Music Awards, and Best Live Band, and U.S. Runner-up for the Global Battle of the Bands out of 2000 applicants.

HotSauce aims to continue to make RealGood~FeelGood music with plans to release music every 6 months to a year. They realize the importance of staying current and relevant. Their goal is to be an international touring and recording artist doing what they love to do; Sharing their music and message of RealGood~FeelGood music with the world. Their latest work bridges the gap between electronic bass melodies and groves heard in current popular music, incorporated with the feeling of a live band. This collection of music is showcased in a Mixtape format except there are no covers. Its all original music that HotSauce playfully calls PLAY! The MixAlbum. Included between each song lies an opportunity for the listener to ease-drop on conversations by the band explaining the inspiration for the songs and various stories about the band. The long-awaited MixAlbum leads with the soundtrack anthem single, Superstar which plays with the irony of believing you are a Superstar vs. just acting like it. It also includes heavy DeAngelo inspired R&B/Soul grooves like Miss You So Much and Sunshine. HotSauce doesnt forget the dance club bangers with Nobody Else and Mind Yo Biz and driving ballads like All My Heart. Otis Shelton from the group contributes to writing and performing all the hip-hop lyrics on several of the songs including Cant Let You Go and Free Your Mind. There is something for everyone on this project. This is HotSauces first full-length release and they are not stopping anytime soon.

The Highlights
Some of the bands performance highlights include the following:
500 shows nationally and internationally since 2003
Recently toured with International Recording Artist Charlie Wilson formally of the Gap Band
Shared the stage with National Artists such as Mint Condition, John Legend, Atlantic Star, Contours, Kanye West, 112, The Time and many more
Recognized as a top act to watch by noted industry professionals, including Tom Joyner, David Foster, P Music Group, Charlie Wilson, Teddy Riley, John Mason, and many more
Numerous television appearances and interviews
Starred in a nationally syndicated commercial for McDonalds
Finalist in NBCs Star Tomorrows national band search and competition
Winner of Global Battle of the Bands
Winner of Outstanding Show and Outstanding R&B Group for the Detroit Music Awards
Active in the community, including mentoring young musicians, members of Big Brothers Big Sisters, tutoring in schools to under privileged youth and partnerships with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Cancer Society

We aim to make 'timeless' experiences: great songs and shows that people will never forget." - HotSauce

The Band
Eric Johnson - Musical Director, Keyboards, Trumpet
Gary Johnson - Percussion, Guitar, Bass
Dyrel Johnson - Lead Vocals, Flute, Sax
Otis Shelton - Trombone, Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Hicks - Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Talk Box
Jeffery Ponders II - Sax, Vocals, Keyboards
Marquis Johnson - Drums, Vocals
Durrell Red Campbell - Bass, Key Bass Keyboards