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Although born in Manhattan in 1982, The Bronx has been his home since birth. Through his Antiguan born parents, Sauss is also a citizen of Antigua . Sauss attended Dwight High private high school with the likes of Paris Hilton, where they were classmates. However, due to the school being very expensive, his dad could not afford to keep him enrolled which ultimately lead to his leaving the school during the 9th grade. After leaving that school Sauss found himself in another school with a basketball scholarship. Sauss did not have an interest in rhyming or rap music until his 2nd year in college when of his classmates that wrote lyrics often asked him to write. Through the exchange of lyrics with his friends, Sauss quickly realized that this newfound pastime had took on a life of it’s own. Despite his developed deep passion for music, he was focused on his education & finishing college and graduated in 2005 receiving his BA in Business Management. Sauss, the 3rd of four brothers did not want to let his older brother (who holds a masters degree) or his two younger brothers down. He finds himself always concerned about how his family feels & thinks of him. So much so that his parents did not find out that he was a rap artist until the summer of 2008. Sauss knew that hip-hop was often looked down on by people and he did not want his family to think that he had received his degree just to be a rapper. So Sauss landed a position in banking all while secretly, going to the studio & performing at NYC venues. Ironically, the way his parents found out about his musical endeavors was through others that would often ask his parents when his album is coming out. Sauss wrote a song called “Mama” (which features his fellow MTM artist Leon) as a means of convincing his mom that he was a good artist. As soon as she heard the song she loved it. As did many of his fans that have heard the song. Sauss aspires to be an influence for younger artists. He wants the youth to know that they should follow their dreams as it took him 6 years of lying to his parents that he was going here and there all the while he was out pursuing his own dream. Although Snoop is his favorite artist, he also enjoys the music of Biggie, JayZ, Big L, Mase, Fab, Jada Kiss & DMX. He has performed at clubs throughout NYC & End Of The Week open mic shows, as well as performances at Mercy college (NYC), Candy lounge (NYC). Sauss sees himself using his fame to help others by opening recreation centers for the youth, and developing programs that help guide the youth into their future. As Sauss devotes his concentration on his debut album “2012” his song “My Baby” has hit the pavement traveling at 100mph from city to city. And yes, that song he wrote “Mama” will be on the album as well. Often referred to as Young Sizzle, Sauss is about to show the world just how hot he really is. From rhyming on Cassettes , to literally signing off on big checks; the artist known as Hot Sauss has been doing his music thing for a little over 7 years. Within that period he has used all his influences ( BIGGIE, BIG L, PAC, JAY Z, Snoop, and many more) along with his own personal thoughts, experiences, within his friends and his family. With so much going on in his head, Sauss chose to write it all down with his "twist" to things. His harsh and brass delivery has labeled him a beast on the MIC, but Sauss has shown many that he has no problem switching his flow up. From countless nights rapping on a karaoke machine, with other artist and affiliates such as Hollow Creed, Young Scafe, and Shaka the KING his personal development as a rapper is a true Cinderella Man story!
Although music is his passion, Sauss has been managing school and now a full time job at the bank. After graduating from college, many thought that Sauss would devote all his efforts into music. However he chose a different route. With his parents and younger siblings at close watch of his everymovement, he plans on working and at the same time pursuing music. He sets an example an really shows that you can still follow your dream and have still have something else to fall back on.
Now he is a member of the Indepent Label Fatal Records and joining the likes of Bless, Kaizer, Mello, Young Scafe and Finesse. With a team like this behind him there's no place to go but up!