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"Live Review – Das Racist"

Vancouver rap group Hot Sex and High Finance got the crowd warmed up nice and hot with their sex & drugs infused rhymes. MC Popsicle Pete is like a Canadian-bred version of horror-core MC Necro, with his hard bullet-style and his prolific overuse of the words cocaine and tits. Covering most of their hit tracks, including ‘Push It’ and ‘Cake Mix’, off their album XXX & $$$, this Vancouver duo have their stage presence dialed in just right. All they were missing were some girls dancing on brass poles behind them. - Abort Magazine

"Das Racist at Fortune"

Pop Pete promised us all completely naked women. It did not happen. Truth be told, I was reluctant to believe such an exuberant claim, but it's fun to dream. He proceeded to ask the audience who among us was gonna do some e and than cheat on their girlfriend; preferably with a fat chick? Pop Pete, the front man from Hot Sex and High Finance does not mince words. He is blunt, and conducts him self in a slightly vulgar and grotesque manner. Yet he also seems rhetorically ironic in a reassuring sort of away. If I for second thought he actually believed his egotistical bullshit, I'd be put off; but he puts on a hyperbolic facade to mock those in the electro/progressive/hip hop scene that take themselves too seriously. Just to make sure no one mistook him for the persona he intimidated, he made sure you know how ridiculous the names of the group's songs were. “Patrick Bateman”, “Black Gretzky”- “Death Star”? More like Super Death Star. At the end of the set Pete demands that we download his album- for free! No one callously attempting to live the gangster Gordon Gekko life would issue such a proclamation.

If this all seems needlessly besides the point, I suppose the point is it made me comfortable liking Hot Sex and High Finance- and I liked them quite a bit. Pop Pete turns a phrase at velocity I wouldn't have initially predicted. He intuitively blends standard hip hop markers, with prideful geek culture references. This is by no means new in the community or among his contemporaries but here its packaged and presented in an amusingly crass, bullying, and arrogant manner. SKRYPT- his producer and sound engineer has a good ear for rhythm and musical intertextual sampling. There was a little 80s new wave and mid 90s rave cuts spliced into the beats. I think I heard some Human League, and even some stuff that reminded me of Culture Club. They don't rely on it for any kind of helpful contextualization or recognition; merely fun little references. Disparate though they may have been SKRYPT's sound and Pete's verbosity blended surprisingly well together. They were exactly what an opening band needed to be. Fairly short, high energy, with minimal set up or take down. A drastic change from the mind numbingly dull Billygoat that made me endure almost 90 minutes of converting their set up into Little Dragon's and had me ready for bed before they were even done. On to the main event. - Spice Rack


Dope new vid right here directed by Arann Shearing for Canadian duo Hot Sex And High Finance. Bit diff from the VHS acid visions my compadres post here on RQ but super-gorgeous nonetheless. Lovin the shadowplay, the light, the motion and dat bitty (for real). Ballet and hip hop - it's a movement. The lush cinematography is absolutely inspired; it's almost hypnotic at some points, particularly with that PhantomHD slo-mo sequence towards the end takin the cake. The tune itself is synth-majestic. Layered and textured but with a refined sheen, leaning heavy on that strollin-to-my-penthouse-apartment-at-3am swag. - Rose Quartz Blog

"Push It"

Hot Sex and High Finance are from Victoria, BC and are an electronic rap band. The video was directed by Arran Shearing. - From Go To Whoa — Blog

"Music Video of the Week: Hot Sex and High Finance – Push It"

Hot Sex and High Finance are made of two people; Popsicle Pete (vocals) and Skrypt (music). Push It is from their album XXX & $$$. This is a very unique blend of electric and hip hop music that makes it into a beat thats extremely hard to get out of your head. Though its recently popular with the use of hip hop and ballerinas in music videos (check out Kanye West’s 30 minute long music video Runaway) it still has that super strong imagery. -

"XXX & $$$"

It really only took the first single, Cake Mix, for me to take notice of Hot Sex And High Finance, a duo comprising of lyricist POPSICLE PETE and beatsmith SKRYPT. Nearly a year later, they dropped their second track, Push It, and I was reminded of how I needed their album to drop. Another month after that and the album is finally here.

I’d say this album is very progressive especially for a rap album coming out of Vancouver. Popsicle Pete ups his lyrics game even higher than his Triforce Omega days and Skrypt defly brings a ghastly and futuristic soundscape.
- Welcome to East Van

"Hot Sex & High Finance"

Hot Sex and High Finance are my favorite thing right now. They are like a complete party in a briefcase, ready to be opened at your request. Inside we found substances for abusing, hardhitting lyrics and synthesized dance tracks that manage to avoid cliché. Take a peek inside, it’s glowing. - Olio Festival

"Hot Sex & High Finance"

"You buy drugs with your daddy's visa, then cut lines up with your daddy's visa..." Just one of the ridiculously sick lines from Pop Pete of Hot Sex & High Finance, the Victoria / Vancouver electro-hop powerhouse that raps about the 80s and cocaine. A LOT. - Rifflandia Music Festival

"What goes together better than rap and ballet?"

What goes together better than rap and ballet? Nothing, as provided by the stylish video for "Push It" by Vancouver's Hot Sex and High Finance. Directed by Arran Shearing. - The Georgia Straight


RE-FINANCED — (Feb.2011)



Hot Sex and High Finance represents a greater dichotomy than the name suggests. Hailing from the vibrant community of East Vancouver, the dynamic duo of Pop Pete (Dylan Jones) and Skrypt (Lennon Burback) come from a background as diverse as their 80’s soaked anthems. Combining dark synths and scathing lyrics, Hot Sex and High Finance have garnered a fanatic following through their electric live shows and clever music videos without ever having released an album. Jones, a veteran Vancouver lyricist who has opened for acts like Tha Alkaholiks, Busdriver, Little Brother and J-Live, and Burback, a seasoned producer having worked with the likes of Birdapres, form an unlikely combination of sweeping soundscapes and poignant critiques at drug use and pop culture. With their debut album having dropped on October 22nd, 2010, and having rocked stages at festivals like Rifflandia and Vancouver's Olio Festival as well as performing amongst such acts as DAS RACIST from New York and Dirt Nasty from Hollywood, Hot Sex & High Finance nailed 2010, horse shoes for 2011.