Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin

Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin

 Augusta, Georgia, USA
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Hotshot is a life artist concentrating of things going on around us in todays society thus the "Mr Whatz Happenin". Coming from being a veteran in the armed service Hotshot has been garnishing some attention with his ability to stay consistant and humble in a industry full of snakes.


AUGUSTA, GA - The momentum of the local hip-hop movement may bring Augusta out of Atlanta’s shadow.
It doesn't take long for you to know that Hotshot is a pure bred GA native. Hotshot started his musical career in Korea while deployed with the military. After returning to the states, Shot traveled from GA to Baltimore and put it down on the streets repping the south to the fullest in the mist of the grimy Baltimore streets gaining much acclaimed love from those who heard him and watched his perfomances. ("BMORE showed alot of love for ya boi and i'll always have a piece of them with me also")Now on the solo stage after leaving the talented group MAJOR NOISE, Shot plans to continue and conquer the hustle of the industry. "I'm not doing this for the fame, to me I been famous, I do it for the love of my home while giving ya'll MY STORY" Hotshot, born Terrence Wilson is one of the premier artist to come out of GA period. Using his cool but confident swagger, Hotshot is sure to keep you bobbing wit his smooth delivery. Inspired by Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Southern hip-hop artists like Outkast and Eight Ball, Hotshot tries to create his life story so that even the negative events are used as a learning experience.Born in Augusta GA (from the HILL to Uptown) Hotshot is a reflection of his home. "I do it for my home and will never sway from that" Hotshot speaks on his knowledge from the hustle of the streets to the struggles to the dirt. "I'm a soldier in every since of the word" Now affiliated with the POWERHOUSE MUSIC MOVEMENT OPERATION K.U.S.H, Hotshot has fell into his own under the Heavy Production of B.I.Z.Z.O and others moving him to the next level of up and coming artist and making him the Smokin ACE of Diamonds formed with other HOT aspiring artists such as Pimpzilla, Blue Marley and Akila to form SMOKIN ACES.Hotshot has taken the stage with artist like Lil Wayne,Yo Gotti,Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Plies, Rocko, and others."I'm not a rapper but only a musician just like a painter and this is lyrical art". Hotshot is now promoting his First solo Debut album titled Game Equation(GA=ME)



Written By: Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin

She got potential to be the baddest but I'm looking for the greatest
a stallion is what i call her that's all type of different ladies
from the ones thats plain and simple to the keep the latest
from the ones thats living single to the ones with all the babies
thats my model type woman cause shes such a classy lady
and every where she go she know she give a demonstration (of what)
of a proper diva when she walk in different places
cause she know that she a diva even when she keep it basic
no she's not conceded but she know she far from average
on a scale of one to ten imma have to say a stallion
numbers don't lie i'm talking one out of a million
thats the one i want to leave with when she walk up in the building
shes sexy as her mother maybe freaky under covers
faithful when she wanna or when she sneaking on her lover
she top notch top game yeah she on another level
so much imma have to tell her aint seen no stallion that's better
she got her hair done nails done toes to
perfect complextion smooth skin sexy tattoo
type of stallion you wont let walk or ride pass you
shes 5 star plus plus me i want to add you
model type shawty face of a barbie
life size figure ,figure like a coke bottle
got hair hanging low or even done up in a style
she the baddest shawty in here and she know that she a stallion

she got features of a goddess kim kardashion exotic
michelle obama status wit beyonce' body
thatz my prototype woman if i was making a barbie
you the perfect make up baby you can make an argument
on perfection cause you close you not far from it
type of stallion probally heard of every compliment
she more than just a friend like shes more than just an ornament
she more than just a figure if her mind is on important shhhhhhh
no she heard it all like beautiful was her government
i'm even talking bout the ones that aint even discovered it
beauty from within and its me thats gonna open it
start a conversation whatz happenin is what i open with
by the end of conversation you'll be knowing who you going with
queen to a king and a crown you might be holding it
loving it no need to even ask me bout no other chicks
cause me i want a stallion thats a woman on some other shhhhhhh