Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin
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Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin

Augusta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Augusta, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"Indie Artist Spotlight- Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin"

Street goes global as rapper ‘Hotshot’ gives his fans the benefit of a worldwide scope of experience. Starting the rap game while in Korea, he came back to the states focused on making a name for himself. Performing a little southern swag for soldiers overseas, the veteran wants to make an impact on the world outside of the place he calls home. Walking in the footsteps of legendary James Brown, the Augusta native is putting in work to bring some attention to another “A” city in Georgia. - The Music Plug

"Seven Day Friday"

"Laid back flow,catchy hooks and lyrics are what come to mind when listening to Hot Shot's"Seven Day Friday." The content is real and the subject matter relates to today's male/female relationships (or encounters). street life, as well as grinding for ones hopes and dreams. You also get a dose of some cool beats and a taste of a few decent collaborations. One track that stands out on the mixtape is "Stallion. This track caters to the best of the "Stallion women" and is a few steps up from calling women bitches. Cuzzo is a featured artist on "Stallion" and helps compliment the track. To conclude, this mixtape has a commercial-type sound with an underground feel. Overall "Seven Day Friday" was a solid project and a pretty decent listen."TAZDATMG - Coast to Coast Magazine Issue 10 - Coast to Coast Magazine


AUGUSTA, GA - The momentum of the local hip-hop movement may bring Augusta out of Atlanta’s shadow. Along with artists getting national media attention, like Them Concrete Boyz, local acts are popping out in front of big names.

Pimpzilla and Hotshot opened for Lil Wayne at the James Brown Arena on Dec. 20, and gave Metro Spirit the scoop.

“Can’t explain how it felt because, aw, man, it was in front of the city. Being able to perform at home in front of your home crowd was an unexplainable feeling,” said Hotshot, whose real name is Terrence Wilson.

Arriving at the arena on an actual tour bus and doing radio interviews gave Wilson great exposure to those in his home city, and he hopes the opportunity opened important doors as he works on his solo project, GA=Me (Game equation). The album is expected to drop this spring.

Since the show, he has collaborated on some of his lyrics with other local artists on an underground mix CD called “We Are Legends.” It’s part of a larger push in the local scene to promote the hip-hop artists out of the Garden City, as opposed to requiring aspiring hitmakers to relocate to the Big Apple — or the Big Peach, as the case may be.

“I do it for the city,” Wilson said. “It’s a musical movement for Augusta’s hip-hop artist, called Operation K.U.S.H., which stands for Krunk Underground Street Hits.”

It’s not just catered to those in Augusta, though. It’s also pulling in artists from South Carolina, Chicago, Memphis and Jacksonville.

This former military man credits his overseas experience for his current success.

“Music has always been in my blood. When I went to Korea, that is when I started recording,” he said. He was working with a group called Major Noise before he deployed, and, in Korea, he started to work on his lyrical talents. He spent some time in Baltimore introducing his Southern technique and brash swagger, where he found an optimistic audience for his positivity.

Inspired by Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Southern hip-hop artists like Outkast and Eight Ball, Wilson tries to create his life story so that even the negative events are used as a learning experience.

“Negative things help move towards positive,” Wilson said.

He’s recently adopted the moniker Mr. Whatz Happenin. It underscores the importance he places on being positive, and in being proactive for the local hip-hop community. “I’m not doing this for the fame. To me, I’ve been famous. I do it for the love of my home while giving y’all my story.”

In the meantime, he’s bringing his music home and connecting with other artists for the benefit of the whole community.

It sounds like “Hotshot” may be too selfish a name to suit him. - PATRICIA A. BURTON


WE ARe Legends 2007
Smoking Aces 2008
Game Equation 2009
Seven Day Friday 2010

We Can Get It On is the first Single streaming

Games Hero is streaming on radio

Stallion ft Cuzzo is the single that im currently promoting



The lyrical mechanism of knowledge and street methods keeps listeners hip-hop etiquette at a spin and learning. Augusta, Georgia's rapper, Hotshot is an international word artist. Starting his career while in Korea on national business, he has profoundly become an uncharted veteran. Once returning home he began to concoct doses of street sounds to cure the numb. Gaining much love from his fans along the East Coast , Hotshot's talent has been undeniable.
His music is the thin line between war and wisdom in man : struggle, wit, passion and strategy. Hotshot's wordplay is on target and lives. His video , Cadillac Whipping, premiered on numerous hip-hop's most credible websites: World Star Hip-Hop, VladTV and in the Summer of 2009. Since then, Hotshot has been touring and building his fort in the studio with a new mixtape debut called GA=Me, paying tribute to his southern roots.
"I do it for my home and I will never sway from that."
Personified by his affiliation with Powerhouse Music Movement and undoubtedly on his way to the next level with Heavy Production, Hotshot's masterpieces are the epitome of his results. Being Hotshot is more than just a name, it is a profession within an industry that always requires more. And here he is now pushing his latest project Seven Day Friday