Rockville, Maryland, USA

High Energy Rock & Roll!
- "Artist on the Verge"
NMS Grand Prize Winner!
New Music Seminar NYC
MTV calls Hotspur "Buzzworthy"- 3 videos in rotation on mtvU - Winner of "The Freshman" - mtvU
Fans of: The All-American Rejects, Muse, The Killers, Neon Trees


Joe Mach - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Trichter - Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Robinson, Drums
Coop Cooper - Bass
Taylor Morden - Guitar
Austin Tran - Guitar


Hotspur, nominated "Artist of the Year” by the Washington Area Music Assoc.- DC, has released their second full-length album titled, “You Should Know Better By Now” - produced by Bryan Russell (Envy On The Coast, Straylight Run) and mixed by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail).

Grand Prize Winner – New Music Seminar's "Artist on the Verge" - In a nationwide search, Hotspur is selected as one of the country's top unsigned bands - by OurStage, Myspace, Facebook, ReverbNation, New Music Seminar and Tommy Boy Records.. Hotspur's video, “If These Walls Could Talk”, is the band's third independent video, put into rotation on mtvU and also seen on Hotspur's second single “Heads/Tails” has been shown on 100 video outlets and was a special feature on “FUSE on Demand”. Hotspur won the nationwide fan vote on mtvU's program, “The Freshman”, for the video “Chandelier”. The video was placed in mtvU’s regular rotation for the Fall. MTV deemed the band, “Buzzworthy”. Hotspur was selected for Taco Bell's “Feed the Beat” program, and has been on tour since the album’s release. They have supported such artists as Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, and recent RCA-signees, 2 AM Club. Hotspur performed at SXSW 2010, New Music Seminar, and headlines major concert venues which include DC's prestigious 9:30 Club, and Rams Head Live - Baltimore MD.

Hotspur has been featured in trailblazing indie magazine Alternative Press which said: “Hotspur combine intricate piano and heartfelt melodies with enough electronics to keep pop-punk and club kids content.”

Hotspur's album “You Should Know Better By Now" -
"One of the strongest sophomore releases of the new millenium. With a mature songwriting style, a knack for finding the right musical and lyrical hook, and an exciting live show, Hotspur is well prepared to take the world by storm." - Modern Guitarist, Guitarist International

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Mach, keyboard player Dave Trichter, and drummer Scott Robinson, formed Hotspur while undergraduates at the University of Maryland. Inspired by the sophisticated songwriting and dynamic live performances of bands such as The Killers and Muse, they aspired to create “the sound of rock ’n’ roll evolving”—grandiose vocals and crunchy guitars, infused with intricate piano work and hip-hop inspired synthesizers. Dave “Coop” Cooper, joined on bass. The band was christened “Hotspur” after the rash and hot-headed Shakespearean villain, namesake to the cult favorite UK football team.

Their debut album “Beta” garnered universal praise and an infectious buzz. Eight of the album’s 10 songs landed on MTV programs and garnered Hotspur a spot on Warped Tour 2007. Constant touring, stadium-caliber live performances, and tireless attention paid to their growing legion of fans will all contribute to one day making Hotspur a household name.

NYC - Paul Ewing -
DC - Diana Stagnato -

Auburn Moon - Jon Shyer -


- 2011 - PREAKNESS INFIELDFEST - Performing on Main Stage with Bruno Mars and Train

- 2011 - HOTSPUR featured nationally in SUBSTREAM Music Press

- 2011 - HOTSPUR song "Chandelier" - nominated in 10th Independent Music Awards (IMA's)

- 2011 - SHAMROCKFEST - RFK Stadium - HOTSPUR Headlines DC101 Stage

- 2011 - HOTSPUR - nominated "Artist of the Year", "Song of the Year"-"If These Walls Could Talk",
"Pop Rock Band of the Year", and more.. by The Washington Area Music Assoc., DC

- HOTSPUR - GRAND PRIZE WINNER 2010 - "Artist on the Verge" New Music Seminar / OurStage.
- Winning a closed competition of several hundred artists selected by - OurStage, Myspace, Facebook, ReverbNation, New Music Seminar, Tommy Boy Records.

- 2010 - Hotspur's third video "If These Walls Could Talk" put in rotation on mtvU, and over 100 video outlets nationwide.

- 2010 - Hotspur's second video "Heads/Tails" put in rotation on mtvU - both videos are featured on
The video "Heads/Tails" is also featured on 'FUSE on Demand"

- 2010 - Hotspur Showcases at NACA- Northeast Conference - Nov 6

- 2010 - OurStage "Best of Music Winner" - Sept. 30

- 2010 - Hotspur performs at SXSW Music Tech Mashup Showcase - March 17

- Red Gorilla Music Festival - March 20, Austin, TX

- 2010 - Voted "New Artist of the Year" - Washington Area Music Association DC - Feb. 28
Hotspur performs to sold out crowd at The State Theatre at the Washington Area Music Awards

- Chosen for Taco Bell's "Feed The Beat" program

- Hotspur video "Chandelier" added to regular rotation on MTVu, Hotspur wins "The Freshmen" voting contest

- WUSA9 TV - Hotspur Feature/Interview on Channel 9 News

- Hotspu


She's Got to Go

Written By: Hotspur

She's like a reflex, making your knees bend back
It's automatic and unconditional
Breathing all of your secrets, oh
It's problematic, but once you've had it

You can never get back the way
You used to be, it's harder to breathe
No you can never get back the way
You used to be before she came

And now she's on top
You're having second thoughts
But she won't stop
It's a little out of hand
One night stand up,
nothings right now
And when the light's out
Under your breath you confess
She's got to go

Everything's backwards, you are the apparatus
It's acrobatic, untraditional
The perfect shape of a perfect love
It might be plastic but once you've had it

I can't pretend, that I'm in control.
And it's sinking in, that she's got to go.

Young & Reckless

Written By: Hotspur

Everybody wants to be young and reckless
Sparkle and shine like a diamond necklace
Moved from the crowd to the top of the guest list
Everybody wants to be young and reckless

I know, you're out here for the first time
I know, you never really turned out right
Sometimes, you're better off in disguise,
some times

When everybodydydy knows it's a great big lie
So d-d-d-don't say it's alright
And everybody knows when you say goodbye
You d-d-d-don't look back, you don't look back

Hide it away stashed under the mattress
High school mascot everybody practice
Everybody move now, move to the exit
Everybody wants to be young and reckless

Does anybody know
Is everything pretend
Does anybody know
Is this making sense
Does anybody know
Is everything pretend
Does anbody know the answer in the end

Get Me Outta Here

Written By: Hotspur

You're at the bottom of the ocean
You're a rainy day in Queens
You're the basement of a penthouse
Looking up at all your dreams
You're an elevator going down
And coming up with ease
We won't stop till all the power
on the block is out and

Everybody's screaming
Get me outta here
I can't breathe, I can't see
Please don't leave me, say you need me
Cuz I need you and me, baby please
Get me outta here

You hear the sirens in the distance
You can almost see the light
There's a dark side to this prison
It's the sharp side to the knife
There's a message to this rythm
Like a stranger in your dreams
It's intoxicating innocence
In a sense has everybody screaming

Most of the time
There's a reason or rhyme
That you can't get around
When you run and hide
Most of the time
There's a reason
You can't stay
No, you can't take no more


Written By: Hotspur

Nobody witnessed
She made a statement
Side with the victim
Tossed on the pavement
Walks like she's innocent
Talks like a saint
But she's lost, she's commitable
Crooked as a criminal

Hiding all the evidence
Covering the fingerprints
Nobody has to know

Pack your bags, Oh oh oh
Somewhere no one else will know
About your past, Oh oh oh
But don't look back, don't look back

Everything's fine
Nobody's to blame
No one gets hurt
Cuz it's just a little flame
It's just a little lie
A victimless crime
It's just another day with your eyes looking
over from your shoulder cuz you're

Every time you start to break down, I'll be waiting
Every time you run away
There's nothing there you haven't seen
I'll be somewhere in between
What you take and what you leave behind
In everyone around you but you know
Every time you turn away, I'll be waiting for you
Every time you run away

Have You Seen This Girl

Written By: Hotspur

Have you seen this girl
I don't know her name
We split a cab the night, the city lights
went out for days

And I think somewhere in between
if you're listening and you see
And you're whispering to me
Can you hear me

Have you seen this girl
I'm looking for this girl
She has to know I'm hers
She has to know I'm waiting
Baby can you hear me
I'm screaming, can you hear me
Are you listening to me now

Dusk turns into dawn
Everywhere I go
The colors of the sky
Become the colors of the road

And I can't sleep because I dream about her
And I can't breathe without her
Tell me if you're listening
Can you hear me

And I'll sing this until I find out
if she feels the same way
does she think about me
Does she see me in every crowd
Does she scream, does she know


Written By: Lyrics by Joe Mach

You've made it crystal clear
You are the chandelier
I am the floor beneath you
So low i cannot reach you

You are the constellations
You are the stars above
Light years away from being
Something that I could touch

I, I, I’ve been blinded by your glow
Cuz it shines like oh, oh, oh

You were sent from heaven to save me
from my wicked ways
and all the loneliest nights, turn into reasons to stay
i can hope oh oh, that soon you'll know oh oh
Why I leave all the lights on, cuz it’s dark when you’re gone

You are the morning light
Cast over open eyes
Into the heart that found you
Now it won't beat without you
And every headlight bleeds
A trail of memories
A flashback in the night
Like halos in your eyes

I, I, I can't find my way alone
Cuz you shine like oh, oh, oh

I lost sight, of the compass in my mind
I lost my way, tangled up inside
Now all my dreams are hanging from a wire
and it's crystal clear, you are the chandelier


Written By: Lyrics by Joe Mach and Dave Trichter

Hit me again, I’m all in
I know this hand could break me, or take me
For all I’ve got so keep your fingers crossed

Sometimes my heart can't take it
And every misstep I make is
Pulling me away from you
Tonight, tonight, I gotta tell you tonight

Oh there's not enough money in the world
To make me forget you girl
And nobody else in the room
Makes me feel like you

It's not about dollar signs, shining like diamonds in your eyes
It's not about dollar signs, it's you and I, it's you and I

Stop me, before I do something
Crazy, like losing it all
You are the only thing that keeps me steady
When I start to fall

Here's a toast, to fame and fortune
Here's to hoping, that we last through the year
Raise a glass, to our misfortune
May it take us away

Oh there's not enough money in the world
To make me forget you girl
And nobody else in the room
Makes me feel like you


Written By: Lyrics by Joe Mach

Call it in the air, heads or tails
Heads we go to London, and try to save the Queen
Tails we got to Paris, and try our hand at romance
I need a chance to show you that I'll take you anywhere
So call it in the air

It's midnight now but I'll be up for hours
Cuz something tells me you are not alone
I make plans to walk and buy you flowers
But throw them out before you get back home

So let's let fate decide, for you and me tonight
If there’s half a chance we’ll make it
Then it’s not too late to try

Call it in the air, heads or tails
Heads we go to London, and try to save the queen
Tails we got to Paris, and try our hand at romance
Either way we're flying and at least I’ve got a chance

At least I've got a chance to show you I can take you somewhere
Somewhere far away, from the shadows of this place
Oh somewhere, where we could fall in love
Where we could fall in love, oh

It's 6 AM the sun is coming up
Something tells me I'm all out of luck

Never Asked For Love

Written By: J. Mach

Take, three steps clo-ser if you know
How it feels to be hurt
Take, a lethal dose, of tragedy
Til your conscience can't see straight
I don't wanna be alone, but i can't go on anymore

I never asked for love, to find out where you are
I never meant to fall, Into your open arms
Into your heart where I got lost
Into your heart where I belong
Into your open arms, I never asked for love

Late, nights on the phone
How can you shout, loud enough
To reach the rooftops, and shake the dust off
That tired heart that you've been hiding down below
It's never easier to hold on

Nobody wants to hurt so bad
Nobody wants feel like that
Nobody wants their heart in someone else's hands
But no one really wants to spend their nights alone
Without someone to call their own
Nobody wants their heart to go unbroken


Written By: J. Mach

It seems I've brought a knife to a gunfight
And you've got an army beside you
I've brought a knife to a gunfight again
And I don't stand a chance, no I don't stand a chance

I already lost before
You walked through my door

All it took, was a few dirty looks
From a few dirty crooks, to break through my defenses
Oh, and it caught me off guard
Your cold blooded heart
Ran through my head and left me for dead

It seems I've run away, to a place in my mind
Where it's safe, in the cover of night
But there's no, place to hide when the cavalry arrives
So i'm left with a knife in a gunfight

I'm giving up, oh, i've seen enough and believe me
I don't give up easily no, I wouldn't be walking away
If I thought I could save us oh

Up & Away

Written By: J. Mach

Up and away, up and away, save tomorrow
Oh, I know I'm been headed the
Wrong way, the wrong way
There's a fire igniting in my veins
A spark in my heart, a spark in my soul
And you will see me bleed for you

And every morning we awake
To the echoes of our mistakes
We can make it, if we just keep heading straight

But the closer we get, the further we are
From having everything that we want
The closer we drive, the harder we try to stand up tall, oh
The closer we get, the further we fall
(Up and away, up and away)

Back and forth we go
From the sidewalk into the road
And with every step we catch our breath
But we've still got a ways to go
Cuz the path that we're walking is unclear
And we can't see the way from down here
So we try, and fly, over the skyline

We fly so far, and fall so fast
We can't look down as clouds move past
Above the stars as they collide
And catch us fighting, fighting to survive

You Should Know Better By Now

Written By: J. Mach

Step one, find something to burn
Step two, find a reason you, can keep your secrets deep inside
Step three, find a light

Don’t hold it in
Cuz the night comes quick
Tearing at your heart with a taste of her kiss
You've got to fight, the feeling inside
You've got to pull yourself away

She keeps the matches, under the mattress
She keeps the smoking gun by her side
She keeps the cold and the fever it catches
You should know better by now
She’ll burn you down

She is the spark on the carpet that starts to ignite
When a strong wind blows, in the middle of the night
Like a sound, so loud, it’s all you think about
It’s all you think about, she’s all you think about

Don’t hold it in no just let go
You can’t win when you lose control
You've got to make the daring escape
You've got to pull yourself away

Don’t you know you’re never gonna make it
Out you know you’re never gonna stand your
Ground you know you feel it deep inside
You know you need this to survive
You know the only way to make it out
You know you see it in her eyes
It’s how to start a fire

If These Walls Could Talk

Written By: J. Mach

If these walls could talk, would they tell you all
The things I've said while you were fast asleep, lying next to me?
Would they play like a memory, every night you stay up waiting
Just to fall asleep, lying next to me?

And it starts, with a whisper in the dark
Shapes and shadows fall apart
anything just to break this
but i can't bring myself to say it

Now I'm wide awake
My eyes are open watching as you fade away
Do you know that I'd give anything to be
The only one, the only one
The only one you're dreaming of

How do I stop these thoughts from racing around
A million miles in all directions
How do I make my heart stop beating
Long enough to hit the ground

When the sun hits your face
Hard enough, I'll watch you wake up
From a dream, lying next to me
And when you close your eyes
I hope your listening

Well if these walls come down, we'll burn them to the ground
We'll spread the ashes out, and listen to the sounds
I'll stare into the flames, whispering your name
Remembering the day, remembering the day
I saw you for the first time

If these walls could talk, would they tell you all
The things I've said while you were fast asleep, lying next to me

Alphabetic File

Written By: J. Mach

I am putting every lie in alphabetic file
I'm starting with "All I Need Is You,"? then "Baby Don't Go"?
then "Come Back Inside," "Don't Leave Tonight"
oh i'm so close to letting go of everything we have
and i'm tired to start over again

Cuz everything you said to me, you said to bring me down
And everything you meant to me, means nothing to me now
I'm on my way out

Show me on a scale from 1 to 10, just how far did you bend
Til this became an act, you practiced on your back
You got the timing right, and played it every night
Then left me to decide
Now it takes all i have, to hold it back
And not react, to your invitation
Oh all, i have to hold it back
And end this without hesitation

May I have your attention, I'm tired of shouting at shadows
And trying to see the stars
When all I can see, are the clouds underneath the storm
But it's already over


You Should Know Better By Now (2009)
1. Hypochondria
2. Chandelier
3. I Never Asked For Love
4. Too Young
5. $$$
6. Atlantic
7. Heads/Tails
8. Gunfight
9. If These Walls Could Talk
10. Alphabetic File
11. Sold!
12. Up & Away
13. You Should Know Better By Now

Beta Undressed (2008)
1. Young & Reckless
2. She's Got to Go
3. Goodbye, Goodbye
4. The Beginning of the End
5. Her Majesty
6. Have You Seen This Girl
7. Skydive
8. Criminal
9. 5th of July
10. Get Me Outta Here

Beta (2006)
1. Young & Reckless
2. She's Got to Go
3. Goodbye, Goodbye
4. The Beginning of the End
5. Her Majesty
6. Have You Seen This Girl
7. Skydive
8. Criminal
9. 5th of July
10. Get Me Outta Here

Hotspur EP (2005)
1. 5th of July
2. She's Got to Go
3. Have You Seen This Girl
4. Skydive


Featured on WUSA channel 9’s WUSA 9NEWS
NOW entertainment segment
Live performances on FOX's Fearless TV
mtvU - 3 videos put in rotation- "Chandelier", "Heads/Tails, "If These Walls Could Talk"
Gunfight (The Bad Girls Club)
She's Got to Go (The Hills, NEXT)
Skydive (The Hills, NEXT)
5th of July (NEXT)
Get Me Outta Here (NEXT)
Have You Seen This Girl (NEXT)
Her Majesty (NEXT)
Young & Reckless (NEXT)

RADIO airplay on Clear Channel stations

If These Walls Could Talk
Young & Reckless
She's Got to Go
Have You Seen This Girl
Goodbye, Goodbye

Set List

Typical 30-60 minute set (all original material):

You Should Know Better By Now
Never Asked For Love
Young and Reckless
Alphabetic File
She's Got To Go