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The best kept secret in music


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**All lyrics under the copywritten consent of HoTT Publishing of Foresight Records LLC. and protected under the authority of ASCAP**

Exec. Producer Legend:
Big D O of Foresight Records LLC=(*)
Spliff (Cliff Cage) of SOSS Inc=(**)
Skizzas (Ey.D) Skullface of MKS ENT=(***)
HoTT of Foresight Records LLC=(****)

The Cutting Room Vol. 1(****)
(20-35 experimental tracks)

The Unofficial Graduation Mix(****)
(15 tracks)

The Cutting Room Vol. 2(****)
(20-35 experimental tracks)

Likker Cats Present: The Substance Abuse Mixtape(***)
Show Me My Opponent Vol. 1.5(****)

Skizzaz Presents: Funk Holocaust Vol. 1(***)
Show Me My Opponent Vol. 2.4(****)
FSR 06' 4th Quarter Mix (Woot edition)(various producers)
War of the Words(*)
Missing Pennies (**)

The Garage Cuts (10 unreleased tracks)(various producers)
Political Delays(*)
The Early Sessions(**)
FSR 07' 4th Quarter Mix (Woot edition)(various producers)

FSR/Y.H.E. Present: PAYDAY: Sounds Like Money(****)
The Lonely Street Tape (20-35 unreleased tracks)(various producers)
FSR 08' 4th Quarter Mix (Woot edition)(various producers)

FSR/Y.H.E. Present: PAYDAY: Smells Like Money(****)
Skizzaz Presents: Funk Holocaust Vol. 6(***)
25th & Applause--THE TRADE (HoTT/Spliff/Jeb Burgess)

Get Right Music Vol. 1 FSR/MKS(various producers)
SUPRABHATHAM Auspicious Dawn(**)
The HoTT Cutz (40-55 unreleased tracks)(various producers)
2011 Sounds from the Ordinary EP(**)
What the F#$@ is a HoTT (Jay Electronica beats)(various producers)
Show Me My Opponent Vol. 3.0(****)
Mixtape for Dummies: For Emcees Vol. 1(****)
Mixtape for Dummies: For Emcees Vol. 2(****)
Mixtape for Dummies: For Emcees Vol. 3(****)
Raw Rap(***)

Moving -N- Storage: The Over-Flow Vol. 1(**)
The Morning @ Night Album with ADELE(**)

(slated projects--collaborative albums--features--finished material)
Sounds of the Ordinary EP(**)(not to be confused with Sounds from the Ordinary EP)
Clean Dirt Vol. 1(***)
The Odd Sunday (Odd Future beats)(various producers)
Manny VS Oscar: Round 1(**)
Posture Perfect Audio Vol. 1(various producers)
Grizz of MKS Presents: CrazyWorld(***)(various producers)
The Very Reason EP(****)
Mixtape for Dummies: For Emcees Vol. 4(****)
Kentucky VS. New York (Remedy & HoTT)(various producers)
Simi (A-1 Click) The Way of the Crane(various producers)

The OFFICIAL HoTT Album (oh yeah, the big one)



Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the bitterly cold surroundings of Syracuse, New York, comes a new emcee whose musical conviction is dedicated both to new and old generations of underground Hip-Hop fans alike. Utilizing a bevy of weapons in a ceaseless lyrical arsenal, HoTT engages his listeners with poignant rhymes that reflect on topics that range from politics to the ever-present struggle presented toward the oppressed in America and abroad. “HoTT” Appeals not only to every true Hip-Hop head’s inner activist but also to their raw aural attraction to the true aesthetics that once made Hip-Hop the ultimate format for critical expression. Weaving intricate webs of technically sound wordplay over intoxicating production, HoTT regularly puts forth a myriad of multi-syllabic bars and verses that arguably could be stacked up against many of the game’s current phonetic phenoms. Indeed music does flow seamlessly within the twenty seven year old body of the emcee from upstate New York. Gifted with a knack for intelligent and engaging communication, his every musical composition breeds an insatiable hunger for knowledge and wisdom amongst those that hear his true message. -BIG D O (