Hotter Than June
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Hotter Than June

Band Alternative Rock


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"Hotter Than June Debut EP"

Hotter Than June a debut P submit a good year after their establishment, which has it in itself. With altogether six numbers, and with a little more than 20 minutes play time, presents itself the listener here a very beautiful cross section over the creative development of the past months. Pleasantly remarkably are here the potential and the quality of the Songs of HTJ. The Quintett from Kankakee (Illinois) in addition, moves stylistic somewhere between volume such as Taking bakes Sunday, Thursday or Hidden in Plain View, brings from time to time easy influences of harder Combos such as A Day ton of Remember to the appearance. Already the Opener Go Fight Win works quasi like the slogan that volume and presses one with its Screamo inserts in the Refrain without if and however to the wall. The entire number is extremely dynamically and melodisch developed from beginning to end: A small Singalong-hymn, which remains hanging immediately and its traces leaves. The second Song simple Conversation does not let it concern at the beginning of calmer, but under any circumstances less ear-worm-dangerously. A rhythmic Kopfnicker, which sets guitar work and singing melody in the rear part in things then on broad surface bombardment. Thus then the second hit on the plate would be already found. The balladeske Ten and Two sets afterwards completely on acoustic guitars, Streicher and - to the repeated times - on condemns in-usual and mehrstimmige Vocals. A Song, which is suited for each Unplugged session. At the beginning of the second half time is then in addition, already again conclusion with Lagerfeueromantik: With Knock down dragees Out let it crack Hotter Than June with a beautiful Uptempo Song, whose variable Rhythmik gives three really varied minutes. With still more speeds and then the next to last Song Saturday's Hero comes along simply straightforward forward. Very dancable and singing-technically with everything which belongs to it: Those are Screams and mehrstimmige singing lines as from the picture book. The whole is finally getoppt still with a Rythmus Guitarre, which penetrant so hit-suspicious reef plays that one cannot keep still its member masses simply any longer. There is then still a final hammer to the conclusion: With the title TRACK Leave universe The Pretty Things alone succeeded to HTJ a Killer-hymn, which accepts finally melodisch almost epische extents. That leads to the fact that the silence, which occurs inevitably after this sixth and last Song is not to be borne simply, and one this Silberling with joy to rotate directly again from the front leaves. When recommendation for the future one should not note therefore thus simply the name Hotter Than June, and make oneself a concern around the next generation of current guitar volume the high-quality kind for the Emo municipality. The new generation is for the time being times again gesichtert with these EP and after a tide of drittklassigen publications... - Germin E-Zine Noise Division


Ep-Leave All the Pretty Things Alone



While most bands choose to tour relentlessly or pepper unknown people on Myspace in order to win over fans, we let our music speak for itself. With a fan base that stretches as far as Japan and with album reviews by German music magazines, Hotter Than June continues to expand its reaches through internet word-of-mouth exposure and performing shows mostly within the Midwest.

"We don't resort to onstage gimmicks or wacky promotions, that some bands rely on to make them seem larger than life. Usually that only results in a disappointed fan base. We use our music and performances to gain new listeners. Once someone sees us live, or hears our album, they are hooked.

We write music that is personal, and influenced by the people who come and go in our lives.

Dear Evelyn Rose for example:
I never truly knew Evelyn. But from what I hear she was a wonderful person with a huge heart. She was only 16 years old when she was involved in a tragic automobile accident that took her young life. Back when I was selling cars a couple of years ago I came in contact with her parents. I sold them two cars at different times. I don't remember the details of the first sale near as much as I do the second one. It was right after the accident and her parents were distraught. They needed another vehicle because hers was totaled. They weren't themselves at all. I wouldn't exactly call the looks on their faces frowns. It was more like they were completely numb and emotionless. They told me what happened and I was floored. They were some of the nicest people I had ever met and to see something like this happen to such good people really did something to me emotionally. I can't imagine what they must have been going through. The next time they brought their vehicle in for an oil change I remember seeing a decal on the back window that said Evelyn Rose and it had her birth year and death year underneath her name. I thought it was such a beautiful name and it was then that I knew I had to write a song about her. Parts of the lyrics are written about the situation, other parts are written to her directly. That's why I decided to title the song Dear Evelyn Rose as if I was writing her a letter. At every show I make sure to tell the audience what the song is about. I always dedicate it to anyone that has ever lost someone in a car accident. I still get chills every time I sing her song.