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Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man (Hot Young Girls Make Lovestep remix)

Mads feat. A Girl & A Gun - Dead on The Not Beat (Hot Young Girls Beat Love Remix)

Stupid Fresh feat. Stellar MC - Not Gonna Stop (Hot Young Girls Chopped and Screwed Party Mix)

Hot Young Girls - Basic Instructions

Hot Young Girls - I Need Your Love

Hot Young Girls - Power Up EP



“”When people say bananas nowadays, this is what they’re referring to.
The music of Hot Young Girls can move the disco-addicted, leather-coated hips of cougars, lift the house-obsessed lace trimmed skirt of your little sister’s best friend, and free the heels of any man from the stickiest bar floor you can imagine. What I’m saying is that this music somehow fits with mimosas at Sunday brunch and also matches the shot you poured your best friend from the barmat at the end of a long night at the club
Born in a rented Vancouver basement, the first tracks from Hot Young Girls were crafted on equipment attached to temperamental wall outlets. Getting shocked by the tr-707 was not an uncommon occurrence, and the rampant electricity of the early days lingers in Hot Young Girls’ more recent remix of Stupid Fresh Feat. Stellar MC – Not Gonna Stop, which won the Bombeatz Remix competition. Vowing to rest when they’re dead, Hot Young Girls is moving past the straight up DJ show to incorporate live guitar, synthesizer and percussion into their performances, so this party pair is quickly becoming an act to see as well as hear.
In summary, Matt and Chris might not be the first thing that pops to mind when you hear “hot young girls”, but their music isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to take to bed, either. Born out of true love for the kind of electronic music that shakes audiences from stillness, every sound from Hot Young Girls has been crafted to make you dance. The men behind the decks are dedicated musicians who reject stereotypes while making the kind of music that interests them. Their sound changes with the mood of their lives, but every second of every track is beatmatched to the pace of their innovative and energetic lifestyles. If you’re going to indulge, you better leave yourself a trail of of empties to follow home because this isn’t music you listen to without losing yourself.”