Houdini Dax

Houdini Dax

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR

"Cardiff's prodigious, whimsical and wonderful modern psychedelicists" (Adam Walton, BBC Radio)


As the latest hideous splattering from MTV’s turd cannon “The Valleys” continues to paint the entire nation of Wales in broad strokes of the colour stupid, it’s with the gasping relief of a drowning man breaking the water’s surface and inhaling a life giving dose of air that Cardiff’s finest young band “Houdini Dax” point, aim and viciously fire off their newest single and remind everyone that the city has much more to offer than a roving gang of gawking, culturally atrophied morons.
Indeed the three young Cardiff natives have already caused one hell of a stir across the Great British isles since their debut album “You belong to Dax Darling” sucker punched an unsuspecting music world right in the throat last year. It was a perfect blending of 60s inspired, psychedelic-tinged, hip swiveling rock and-ah-roll and “more infectious than the common cold” vocal melodies all wrapped up in an extremely modern song writing model. Since being signed to Cardiff indie label “See Monkey Do Monkey Records” a few years back, they’ve consistently blazed a big Dax shaped trail up and down the country, dismantling venues and leaving nothing but shaking converts to their uniquely modern twist on a classic sound quivering in their wake.
Or to put it another way…. they are very, very, very good at doing that live music thing….
With “Heavy Tease”, the first single to emerge from their yet untitled second album, they’ve expanded their palette even further and given a glimpse into what we can expect. The single is a multi-headed, constantly shifting monster of a pop song; one second it’s all razor sharp instrumentation and snarled vocals, the next soaring harmonies and wistful romanticism before suddenly crawling up into a twisted slide of hazy fret work that wraps around you like a paisley patterned, Hendrix-shaped snake.
It sounds like the pre-credits freeze frame fist punch music of a John Hughes movie being filtered through the LSD lens of the 60s and soundtracked by a collaboration between the Black Keys and Tame Impala all whilst John Lennon’s ghost looks down, smiling and nodding in signs of approval.
Currently they’ve been snatched up under the wing of Ms Charlotte Church, to act as primary tour support and you will find them injecting their own unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll into a UK venue near you this autumn and across the US in spring 2013.


BBC Sessions EP (Release December 2009)
Robin You Lie (Single) (Released March 2011)
O.L.L. - (Single) (Released May 2011)
You Belong To Dax Darling (Released June 2011)
Heavy Tease (Single) (Released November 2012)

Set List

Struggling in the Sand
Heavy Tease
Roll On Up
15 Minutes in Mold
Let's Stick Together
Asking Price
Our Boy Billy
Apple Tree
Dixie's Speed
Darker Side of Town
This Song Means Nothing At All
Get Your Goo On
All These Days
Green Gate
God Kicked Me In The Shins
Twenty Matches
Apple Tree