Hounds of Jezebel

Hounds of Jezebel

 Houston, Texas, USA

Hounds of Jezebel is what rock music has been waiting for! With the decline of great songs, Hounds of Jezebel has songs for everyone that just loves music. From danceable riffs to thundering drums to great lyrics and blistering vocals, Hounds of Jezebel is the face of the "New Rock and Roll"!


Contrary to popular opinion……Rock ain’t DEAD……..YET!

In the infinite battle of good and evil, there are those who walk the line between Heaven and Hell. Born from the flesh of Jezebel and granted eternal life from Gabriel himself, these Hounds are the protectors of both Heaven and Hell.  Banned from both they are destined to walk the earth for eternity.  Their only solace, True Love. Stuck in a time and place where their love exists, these Hounds are brought together to consume evil, to protect the innocent, and to enforce the laws of both above and below. If the idle hands of evil have a grip on your soul, call out to Gabriel. Call out for those Hounds of Jezebel. You may hear them coming. Do you hear them? I do! Hounds of Jezebel is an American Rock band hailing from Houston, TX. The four alter egos of John Curry (vocals, rhythm guitars), Chris Loveless (lead guitars), Daniel Wills (bass), and Mike Neyra (drums), Hounds of Jezebel take you on a musical journey through a selection of songs telling stories about collecting the debts of Heaven and Hell. With a sound that's as riffy as 70’s guitar rock to a blend of influences touching on Southern Rock, and 90’s grunge, Hounds of Jezebel have all the elements of familiarity all the while leaving you with a refreshed feeling that "times they are a changin’”. Newly formed and coming off of recording their new EP (Produced by Brett Hestla), Hounds of Jezebel are gearing up to take the world by storm and leave everyone in their path dying for more. With their single set to release February 15th and the EP dropping April 1st, plan on discovering these guys soon! That’s if they don’t discover you first!


One to One

Written By: Hounds of Jezebel

Police gonna come and take me away
They're gonna break me down and put me to ruin
Five hours ago I didn't see that way
Now I'm driving off and starting to do it
Well I'm shooting guns at the Preacher Man's son
What a God awful way to try to prove it
Got the message again, 'till we meet my friend
And I'm gonna tell you what the truth is
Fire all of your guns
That only thing bleeds me One to One

Without Love

Written By: Hounds of Jezebel

She's all messed up and thinks she don't believe in anything
Don't believe in this thing called love
Don't believe in yesterday, tomorrow's just to far away
She only thinks I always wants more
Drowning in the ecstasy of alcohol and disbelief
When everything's always fucked up
Don't forget the better years when all we had to fear was fear
Dirty don't stay gone for too long
So where would we be without love
Love never led me to no one like you
So trust that my love will always tell you the truth


Hounds of Jezebel - EP

Hounds of Jezebel - Vol. I
Radio Play -
"One to One"
"Without Love"
"Bullet in the Eyes"