Houndstooth Bindles

Houndstooth Bindles

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Houndstooth Bindles plays original, folk-infused songs, performed with punk sensibilities. Though we play bluegrass instruments, our music works just as well with rock, country, gypsy, and americana crowds. We are proud members of Singing Moon Records in Columbus, Ohio.


Featuring multiple singers and no traditional front-man, Houndstooth Bindles is a five-piece band with three song writers, percussive guitar and mandolin playing of Nick Johnson, dynamic claw-hammer banjo of Virginia Pishioneri, sweet and melodic fiddle of Lois Kwa, rock-steady bass of Bill Wolfe, and sensible yet driving drums of Jesse Pearson. The band is influenced by classic folk singers including Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, and modern string bands such as Old Crow Medicine Show and Split-Lip Rayfield.

The band began in early 2011 and since then has earned a reputation for innovative song-writing and dynamic performances. We draw heavily from the folk tradition, but play in a ruckus, almost irreverent manner.


Daddy's Farm

Written By: Houndstooth Bindles

I don’t know why you wanna go where there ain’t no crickets and their ain’t no fishin’ holes.
I don’t see why you gotta be where the asphalt’s the grass and the air smells of gasoline.
I’ll tell you right now if you’re moving to town, you’re gonna be shackin’ alone,
Cause this land was my daddy’s land and I’ll be damned to leave my home.

I got to say why do you wanna stay where the crops all die and kin’s all moved away.
I don’t get why you’re pitchin’ a fit for a hundred clay acres and a run-down shack like this.
I’ll tell you right now I’m moving to town, even if I gotta go alone,
I need the skyscraper heights and the city lights and a penthouse to call my own

Chorus: Guy -What you running from my baby, we got this whole valley wide.
Girl – But can’t you see that river’s risin’, we got to pack it up and ride.
Guy – Oh no, oh no, oh no, my river gal
Girl – Oh no, oh no, I can’t spend another night in this one-horse town

I can’t reckon why don’t respect a man pullin’ a livin’ from the land
I can’t figure why you need something bigger, it was good ‘nough for my old man
So I’m begging you now let’s settle down where our seed’s all been sown
Cause this land was my daddy’s land and I’ll be damned to leave my home.

I can’t measure why you’re havin’ such a fissure for a dried up cotton farm
I can’t surmise why you’re paralyzed by your long dead daddy’s charm
My foot’s down, and the time is now, for this old coop to get flown
I need the skyscraper heights and the city lights and a penthouse to call my own


Written By: Houndstooth Bindles

Walking out without much hope
Down the alley to find dope
I see the lines in front of me
hope they lead me to a place where
I can find something someone to teach me to be free
but in the meantime surely be enraptured by their company

Strange the affectations we embrace
In this modern day and age
The spirit knows no bounds
Still the judgements stand their ground

When the darkness thats inside of me
Wells up all too powerfully
I'll reach
I'll rise
When the folks I know are full of shit
wont leave and I cant handle it
I'll go
I'll fly

There is a land yes I suppose
where all things die and nothing grows
but it is not the reality
stretching out in front of me
I've got my friends I've got some faith
I swear the two do correlate
This thought has travelled far and near
to reach my brain right now right here

Marvelous the meaning we can find
In a symbol or a rhyme
Miraculous the meaning we can touch
When we love against so much

Graveyard Grass

Written By: Houndstooth Bindles

Sun leaks down the drainpipes as the sweat drips out my skin
less than four beers just can't express the foul mood I am in
I've taken about four-hundred walks down this cemetary road
When'll be the last, I'll have to wait to know

This graveyard grass is wild and tall the sun is high and warm
If I just hadn't screwed up you'd be mine just like before
We could both whisper sweet songs to the souls passing alone
As it is, there's just a bunch of bones

I hear things were much rougher back a hundred years of so
Still some things seem the same though I dont claim to know
But liquor still makes women wild and more inclined to roam
And love has always dealt a mighty blow

Wind beneath my fingers wet grass under my skin
Streetlamp shining brightly on the crickets moving in
I wont put too much money on my finding love again
But a kiss can still remind me of the spring
And love may once more take me 'neath its wing
So hope still burns and meanwhile I will sing

Where There's a River

Written By: Houndstooth Bindles

Where there’s a river
there’s a way to my girl
cause she lives on a tugboat
tugging me down the Ohio

And when you hear a shotgun
ringing out throughout the land
she’s on the stock end
shooting down a robber man

And when you smell the bourbon
coming down from the hill
she’s brewing up some moonshine,
but she’ll trade for a daffodil

And when you feel that thumpin
underneath your chest
You better watch out, check your heart,
cause she’s been with the best.

When you hear the siren
coming down the street
she’s running from that sheriff
and she’s already got him beat

And when that ol preacher
starts preaching bout the fall
you know she ate that apple
before the snake could even call

And when you hear her singing
at the early break of dawn
that mockingbird don’t stand a chance
cause all the birds just sing along

And when I bought a rock
to put on her left hand
She walked away, broke my heart
said she don’t need no man


Written By: Houndstooth Bindles

Rosetta lay your head beside mine
Feel the earth explode
The peace inside your coffin
Is the weight inside my soul
Forever is as forever does and what forever does to you is make you blue

I once built you a house my love
Painted in my hearts red hues
You said you were not mine to keep
So I did what I had to do

I took a spade down to the garden
dug your grave both deep and tall
And in the midnight hour, love
I caused you to fall

Your hair against the wet, dark soil
Your hands grasping wild
Your white skin glowing like a pearl
As I laid you down inside


Houndstooth Bindles Self-Titled EP, January, 2012. Available for sale at singingmoonrecords.com.

Set List

Our Set List consists almost entirely of originals. We do sometimes add in covers - usually folk classics, such as Woody Guthrie, or traditional gospel songs. We've also been known to play punk songs, such as The Ramones.