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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Metal Alternative




"No Mercy Official Music Video Release"

Nu-Metalcore outfit, Hourglass from Knoxville, have released a new single and music video "No Mercy".

Stream it on Spotify! - Insane Blog

"HOURGLASS - Present Video For New Single "Hollow Home""

Nu-Metal outfit, Hourglass from Knoxville, have released a new single and music video "Hollow Home". - Insane Blog

"“The New Nu-Metal(core) has just leveled up with Hourglass US’s song, No Mercy”"

Every band has trouble explaining their influences to their music. We have all heard a band member rambling to someone about “we kind of sound like this band mixed with this band mixed with” blah blah blah, and in reality they don’t. Hourglass US doesn’t have to explain what they are or who they are influenced by because they have nailed their own unique twist on what I would call the New Nu-Metalcore. Finding a sweet spot between bone crushing breakdowns to soaring catchy clean choruses, tracks like No Mercy let the music do the talking.

If you have ever heard of an “elevator pitch” you know that you need to capture whoever you are talking to about your idea/brand in the time it takes to go from floor to floor. In the music world, It’s the first 30 seconds. No Mercy starts off with a gigantic build up that features a Linkin Park-ish vocal flow. Frontman Josh Oakes really shows his skill not only lyrically but how he can switch, bend, and manipulate words and patterns while going in and out of vocal techniques.Then like clockwork at that 30 second mark, it transitions seamlessly into a brutal bridge that brings their heavier metalcore side front and center. This bridge/verse part only seems to last a few seconds, just enough to get the crowd’s energy to 100 only to give you the old switcher-roo, taking you on a wild ride into the chorus. Suddenly a beautiful mid-range clean voice starts singing, almost reminiscent of Chino from Deftones which again ties into that alternative side but yet not losing the energy. Moving forward and picking it back up, Hourglass US gives you their play on the classic two step, keeping that snare locked on 2 and 4. Drummer David Scoonover really shows his talent with the intricate shift from two step to breakdown that only lasts long enough to make you want that final chorus before the song ends.

In all honesty, Hourglass US may be the Transition kings. As a musician, some of the hardest things to do next to naming the band is to write good transitions to good parts and Hourglass made it look easy. Each section felt perfectly timed and perfectly placed so when your lungs hurt from singing along, your body can take over in the pit and vice versa. New Nu-Metalcore is here to stay and with songs like this, there won’t be a weird stigma that follows the genre like it’s grandfather. Without going to the extreme on either end, No Mercy has something for every underground music lover and Hourglass checks every box and does it well. Keep an eye and ear on these guys, they might be in the front of this next wave. - Ghost Killer Entertainment


Still working on that hot first release.



Hourglass is an Alternative Metalcore band based out of Knoxville, Tennessee that finds a happy medium between groovy breakdowns and high-soaring choruses with a twist of Alternative and Nu-Metal influences (i.e. KoRn, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Alice In Chains). Hourglass is a tenacious band with an intimate live show that will bring both ends of the musical spectrum together for a one of a kind experience.

Lead vocalist Josh Oakes formed Hourglass along with Nathan Whited in the summer of 2016. Both members had been in a band together 2 years prior to this (I, Divine) that had played with the likes of For Today, Butcher Babies, Varials, I AM, Knocked Loose and more. Given their experience, they continued on together once their former group disbanded. Hourglass is an experienced, well-seasoned and professional group of musicians that bring a new twist on metalcore infused with 90's alternative. 

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