Houria Aïchi & l'Hijaz Car

Houria Aïchi & l'Hijaz Car



Houria Aïchi - already well known amongst French music lovers - is a Chaouïa singer from the Aurès, a mountainous region in Algeria that is full of History.

Accompanied by the French members of the Hijaz’ Car, Houria Aïchi celebrates the universality of the rules of chivalry, courage, love, advocated by these cavalier princes, the Rayan el khil which marked her childhood.

She makes us discover the poetry in the songs of her heritage thanks to the acoustic world sculpted in all their glory by Grégory Dargent, with a sensitive treatment of sound archives, the dynamics of rock, jazz, and Mediterranean sounds.

Concerts :
June 19th 2010 - Jardin du département - Dijon - France


Cavaliers de l'Aurès - 2008 - Accords Croisés
Chants Sacrés d'Algérie - 2001 - EMI
Hawa - Naïve - 1998
Chants de l'Aurès - 1990 - Auvidis