Hour of Shame

Hour of Shame

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Drawing heavily from the influences of early grunge, and incorporating elements of modern hard rock, Hour of Shame has crafted a unique style of rock that appeals to both underground and mainstream audiences alike.


Hour of Shame is an original central Ohio hard rock group that emerged in early 2009 winning a battle of the bands competition at the famed Alrosa Villa concert club and have since gone on to open for such national acts as Bobaflex, Mushroomhead, Flaw, It Dies Today, Arsonists Get All the Girls, and was a featured artist on the VH1 Get Your Rock On tour stop with Brandi M. The band's unique blend of early grunge, metal and modern hard rock, in connection with an energetic live show, has connected with both mainstream and underground audiences alike.

The group was started by frontman James Shame. Influenced by acts such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Tool, and Pantera. James brooding, dark and gritty subject matter is delivered by a powerful and melodic vocal style backed by raw emotion. During live performances he is firmly connected only to the audience and microphone, however behind the scenes he is heavily involved in guitar writing for the band as well.

The band took shape when James's solo writing met the percussionary talents of the band's second founding member Bryan. Bryan's technical and uncompromising style was influenced by drummers such as Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Neil Pert (Rush), Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (A7X), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), and others. The new dynamic between these two helped mold the Hour of Shame sound and their chemistry fuels the live shows that continue to captivate audiences.

The two immediately began taking their work in front of live audiences, with a variety of local musicians and friends filling in to help bring the music to life. In early 2010 they were joined by permanent guitarist Smokey and bassist Mohawk.

With the group complete they released their first independent self titled EP on 5/15/2010 with plans to release a full album in late 2011.


Hour of Shame - self title EP - debut 5/15/2010

"The band’s self-titled debut EP to me has two distinct parts found on it. Part one includes the first two tracks (“Breathe” and “Let Go”) that have a more of 2nd wave Post-grunge sound. Think of bands like, Creed, Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. The second part made up of the remaining tracks (“Innocent Disease”, “Entrenched”, and “Cauterize”) are more hard edged and go down the hard rock road." - C.W. Ross

Set List

Hour of Shame original titles:

Innocent Disease
Perfect Sin
Let Go
Thread The Vein
Pit Music
Further Away

Current covers:
It Ain't Like that - Alice in Chains
Would - Alice in Chains
Just Like You - 3 Days Grace
Whatever - Godsmack
Sober - Tool