Hour of the Awake

Hour of the Awake

 London, England, GBR

We're a hard working, driven band striving to challenge ourselves musically and creatively. If people like what we do along the way, so much the better.


At the decline of the metalcore scene Shiri Takacs (guitar) and Luci (guitar) left their home in South Africa where they played together in the locally well known and respected hard rock band 'In Dreams'. They came to the UK where they immediately began recruiting and formulating the songs which you hear today.

Drawing influence from In Flames and Lamb of God, Shiri was able to write and pre-produce the main body of works belonging to Hour of the Awake. The band were quick to progress and found in themselves the ability to veer away from stereotypical breakdowns and mindless thrashing and instead, form a conduit that allowed a steady flow of force throughout each track. A self styled midpoint between technical playing and pure enjoyment.

In the winter of 2009, Hour of the Awake, now joined by Nik Ward (vocals) from previous band 'Red Letter Sunday' and Edy (bass) began recording their EP 'Lakeshore Murder', with the use of a session drummer. Of the good things to happen to the band in early 2010, possibly the best, has been the addition of James D on drums.

The blend of dramatic intros, dark melodies entwined with the crushing guitar sounds and acidic vocals carrying a message of hope and despair simultaneously, is the sound which defines Hour of the Awake.


Recycling of Souls

Written By: Hour of the Awake

The vision you wear
A derelict heir
In the young that we sow
The recycling of souls

You receive us
With your jaws clenched
You deceive us
With your heart set out to fail

Now it’s all up to you
To erase all that’s left behind
Though I doubt you will

Let us cast you
In our new play

Avoid travesty
Contest elegy
Impression we leave
A sinister scene

Lakeshore Murder

Written By: Hour of the Awake

(Someone’s not well…)

You are so damned
In my hands

Tiara queen
With your life of dreams
I will ease your pain
Take your life away…


No more conscience
Fighting madness
No more black thoughts
Fighting stops here
Breathe while you can

Crimson smile
Look upon me in wonder
Trembling need
Life’s release from your vessel

Feed my lust
May your blood nurture me

And so unaware
Of me here
So intrinsic
Am I to your end
As you wither
You’re withering
Wither away

Back is arched
Fingers’ clawing
Will you pray, will you beg
Will you fight, will you curse me to hell

Screams serenade
And fuel my desire
Come what may
I extinguish you
With fire and lace

As you wither
You’re withering
Wither away

Lakeshore murder

Look at the pretty colours
You bleed


Lakeshore Murder - EP (2010)

Set List

Recycling of Souls
Lakeshore Murder
Common Dilemma
The Illusion of Choice
Black Crayon