Catchy, high energy pop punk/rock band from the Canadian prairies. For fans of Emery, Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, etc. Exciting live show.


Following the end of local hardcore and screamo moguls, Avarice to Lace and Chapel Hill, Hours was born. Starting out as nothing more than an idea bred out of frustration, Hours began as a promise; a promise to not pigeon-hole oneself musically through adhering strictly to a certain genre, and all the baggage that comes along with it. Hailing from the Canadian prairies, Hours is this promise come to fruition. Fuelled by an intense and entertaining live show, these five musicians play music they want to play and hear, not what they think fits into a certain mold.

Their debut EP (entitled Premonitions) features five tracks recorded in their home town of Regina, Saskatchewan, and mixed by Misery Signals frontman (and long time friend) Karl Schubach. This EP serves as a teaser of their forthcoming full-length which has yet to be titled.


Premonitions EP