House of Normandie

House of Normandie

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

House of Normandie is a Chicago power trio.


House Of Normandie

In every big city there are bands coming up constantly. Most groups eager to find their musical identity try to push a distinct sound and style but coincidentally bunch themselves into the local music landscape. HOUSE OF NORMANDIE seems to buck the trend. Listening to their debut record you can hear the truthfulness to themselves and their surroundings. You get the sense that they’re in control.

    Frank Ligety as well as brothers Kain and Adam Marzalado formed the band back in late 2010; “We just wanted to be writing and performing original stuff, it made sense for us to get together.” They’ve gained much notoriety for their strong live performances and although their sound is quite original,  they’re often compared to a blur of bands.(Fugazi,at the drive in, Sabadoh,Mission of Burma)

      The band toured in 2011 and self released “Myth Of A Town”. 2014 was a big year for the band. They’ve seen full page interviews with two major Chicago publications (Red Eye Chicago & Chicago Tribune ) as well as Chicago label Notes + Bolts. They’ve been showcased by both “What about Chicago” and have had their music video streamed on the popular blog Chicagoist. Chicago Cassette label Grandpa Bay Tapes released a five song EP titled “Word Life” in August of 2014.

   The debut full length record is a culmination of two plus years of extensive writing and performing. Recorded all live, you get the depth, power and a up tempo sound that’s translated from their live shows. Each track drives and is completely unpredictable. Its aggressive, unapologetic attitude suites that of where they’re from and what’s left is a sense of urgency and familiarity at best, all of which have been essential to the debut records of many great bands.