House of Rabbits

House of Rabbits

 Los Angeles, California, USA
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House of Rabbits is a Hardcore-Vaudeville/Art-Rock band from Los Angeles.


House of Rabbits is a self-proclaimed "vaudcore" (hardcore-vaudeville) art-rock band from Los Angeles. The music of House of Rabbits blends dark, theatrical, narrative songwriting and lyrics with a variety of musical styles ranging from raucous operatic circus punk to hushed atmospheric bossa nova cabaret. Preferring abrupt tonal changes to a catchy, contrived chorus hook, the members of HoR focus on creating challenging, interesting and impossible to categorize music that constantly defies genre while still remaining accessible with their infectiously dance-worthy rhythms.

In 2014, after the avant-art-metal project, FEASTofFETUS, went through a major line-up change, the remaining three members (Jess Gabriell Cron - Vocals, Mike Caffell - Drums, Ian Malcolm - Keys) found themselves collaborating with guitarist Andy Kovari and bassist Eloy Palacios on material which began to take an entirely new direction. They began experimenting with a different kind of heavy sound; trading the distorted metal guitar chugging for a signature sound more akin to a piano falling down stairs. Thus, HoR was formed.

House of Rabbits self-recorded and self-released their first 4-song live demo entitled "Demo 2014" over the course of 2 days in July of 2014. The concept of these 4 tracks sparked the idea for Cron to write an accompanying theater piece to coincide with the music. After the script was picked up by an award-winning producer/director team, Eloy Palacios joined as the band's bassist and House of Rabbits began writing the remaining 10 songs for their vaudeville rock-musical masquerade entitled House of Rabbits' Charivari in VoyeurvilleThe rock-musical premiered at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival, sold out all six 99-seat performances to standing room only capacity, garnished much critical praise from LA Weekly and won several nominations and awards (The Encore Producer's Award, Platinum Medal/Best of Fringe) including an additional 3-day run of the show.

House of Rabbits' debut, 14-track, full-length record entitled Songs of Charivari was self-produced by the band, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Charivari was recorded and mixed by guitarist/engineer Jason Schimmel (Secret Chiefs 3, John Zorn, Estradasphere), mastered by John Golden (Primus, Melvins, Sonic Youth, Chris Isaak) and released on May 20th, 2016 on Cron's own  Grotesque Requords label.

HoR has performed their exceedingly energetic live shows in their native city of LA at illustrious venues such as The Viper Room, Loaded Hollywood, Lucky Strike, The Mint, Los Globos, Liquid Kitty and The Redwood Bar while sharing the stage with bands like Supersuckers, Culture Shock, Trulio Disgracias, The Last, and World/Inferno Friendship Society. House of Rabbits have also conducted tours through Austin, TX, Oakland, CA, Eugene, OR, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.


By the Neck

Written By: Ian Malcolm

She was a maiden made of iron
Grasping straws and snapping bones
She drew him to her signal fire
Offered up her softened moans
They played a game of silent stares
Propping up their broken home
Tearing at each other's throats
Because they cannot be alone

She has me
She hangs me

By the neck

He sullied sour her whitened sails
Only did what he was told
They sealed their love with coffin nails
Hammered home with circled gold
They threw a rope over the boughs
End for each to hang upon
Fed the roots with sacred vows
Not sure now which one has won

Always be
He and me

Oh my little ones you sway upon me in the autumn breeze
Your early joys and dreams now turned to sad regrets and memories
You never could imagine to see each other just walk away
So now with hempen line and tightened ties you'll make each other stay


By the neck

Traje de Luces

Written By: Jess Gabriell Cron

Shone my light
On a naive child
Reflected bright
From her eyes
So sublime
And pavonine
Ignite my
Peacock stride

Pink stockings
And sequin blings
A sword so sharp
To pierce your heart
Of the demure

A mirror for the cosmos
My sparkle rivals stars
You cannot help but stare 'til
Your retinas are scarred

Gaze into the sun
And you will go blind
Much to mesmerized
To ever close your eyes

A rose between my teeth
A red cape at my side
Spears are in your back now
Roll over and die

By my light

Madame Orifices

Written By: Ian Malcolm

I adore you 
Eyes explore you
Lying on your bed now
I implore you

See it in your eyes you need to help me remove this disguise
I tried to be someone else but they're going to see through all my lies

Oh how much you endure
Messiah of all of the impure
Inhibitions, leave them at the door
Your desire, there is no easy cure

Let me love you
Lie above you
Hold you like a wolfs bite
I'm part of you

A flickering flame,
A wandering moth
You can't fill a hole 
By walling it off

An inflicted pain
By a caress so soft
Expected roles
Have their final cost

A secret shame
A whisper of cloth
Come out of the cold
Find what you've lost

Grandfather Cock

Written By: Jess Gabriell Cron

The rooster king
He came to swing
Makes all the chickens sing
He puffs his chest and flaps his wings

The pendulum swings
He is not as young as he used to be

Cock of the walk
He came to fuck
Crimson crown atop his head
Bow down into his bed

The pendulum swings
He is not as young as he used to be

Good looks are beginning to fade
His wattle sags a little each day
Wrinkles deepening on his face
His feathers get a little more gray

Made a point to never settle
He's quickly fading out of fettle
Lately showing lack of mettle
Time has not been kind to such a

Grandfather Cock
Grandfather Cock
Turn Back the Clock
King of the Flock

All the bones in his body ache
He's putting all his weight on his cane
A sorry sight hangs between his legs
Now he ain't fertilizing no eggs

The hour's late, the clock is ticking
Gone are the days of random dicking
No sex appeal in one so sickly
Time does not rewind for such a

Grandfather Cock
Grandfather Cock
Turn Back the Clock
King of the Flock

Now it's much too late
To find the perfect mate
He is much too old
Flaccid and all alone

Dreaming of a happy home
With a chick he used to know
But she's moved on to better things
A faithful man, a family

Old and boney
Sad and lonely

Oooooh-ooh-ooh, cock-a-doodle-doo

A life of lust
Is now collecting dust
The pendulum won’t swing
The mechanisms rust

His cock won’t work

March of the Ostrich-Eyed

Written By: Jess Gabriell Cron

They could not believe all that they saw
They were not prepared for it at all

Little paparazzi gossip queens
Need to tell the whole world what they’ve seen

“We’ve formed a common opinion
of what’s right and what is wrong”

They could not believe all that they saw
They were not prepared for it at all

You cannot escape their prying eyes
Everything you do is scrutinized

“We know your darkest secrets
the people will know what you did

Point out your favorite sinner
Now that’s entertainment, kid”

(whisper, whisper)

We’ve seen what you do and
We’ve been judging you

Skimmington's Last Ride

Written By: Jess Gabriell Cron

Hoist the rail up high!
Skimmington's last ride!

Hit him on the head
Drag him out of bed
Ride him through the street
Stomp your fucking feet
His wife cries at home
She is all alone
Justice must be served
To this adulterers

We are the mob
We've got our job
We all look down
On stepping out

Punishment for him
Atonement for sin

We are the mob
We've got our job
We all look down
On stepping out

Punishment for him
Atonement for sin

Hit him on the head
Gotta hit him
Gotta hit hit on the head
Gotta hit him on the head

Skimmington's last ride
Rail between his thighs


"Songs of Charivari" tracklisting:

1. Charivari Overture
2. By the Neck
3. Grandfather Cock
4. Traje de Luces
5. The Beating of Señor Hammerheart
6. Madame Orifices
7. Trophy Widow
8. Eyeful Tower
9. The Laundress and the Landmines
10. She Drinks from the Golden Fountain
11. Reflecting Pane
12. March of the Ostrich-Eyed
13. Skimmington's Last Ride
14. Voyeurville

Set List

Grandfather Cock
March of the Ostrich-Eyed
The Beating of Señor Hammerheart
Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart cover)
Traje de Luces
The Laundress and the Landmines
Night of the Vampire (Roky Erickson cover)
Madame Orifices
Well-Paid Scientist (Dead Kennedys cover)
By the Neck
She Drinks from the Golden Fountain
Skimmington's Last Ride